Congressman From California Is A Vape Crusader – Newsy

Rep. Duncan Hunter from California created a meme-able moment when he pulled from a vaporizer during a Transportation Committee meeting Thursday.


  1. Everyone who is saying "it will hot box the plane" obviously doesn't understand how planes work. Planes have pumps that pump air from outside the plane to the inside the air goes in and out through vents.

  2. As someone who used to vape, vapes should DEFINITELY not be allowed on a plane lol. That would be so crazy unreasonable to all of the other people on the flight and would fill the plane with vape smoke. Also, some dumbass could blow his vape up and who knows what harm that could cause.

  3. So was the guy vaping opposed to having it banned on planes? Wasn't quite sure, but it seems stupid not to have it banned. Even if it didn't cause cancer, (which most of it does), nobody wants somebody blowing vape out of their mouth in an enclosed space filled with a lot of people.

  4. he is a paid rep. too many lobbyist in congress. people dont want to breath in your shit. how come cig smokers close all their window when they smoke inside their car if its not a big deal.

  5. It’s called being considerate of other passengers. You are literally shoulder to shoulder sitting with people, and your going to blow that vape all over everyone? Piss off, mate.

  6. Just ban vaping?
    It gets people more addicted that it does get people off the addiction.
    I have 4 friends and 2 cousins who caught on vaping over the years now 3 of them are smokers , 2 started using other type of drubs Cuz they go to the drug store for vapes now they use vapes with nicotine in them.
    One caught on addiction. And he literally can't stop vaping its like a drug itself.

    Why would you want that as a habit lol
    He wastes 1/4th of his weekly earned cash on VAPING things and he has a shit car he had to sell his Nissan 370z

    All the kids VAPING in school now also mot paying attention in class fortnite mobile also.

    If VAPING and fortnite never existed the world Would be a much better place.

    Even if its harmless its addiction to waste money.

    That's the be exact same reason why they're banning loot crates in video games.

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