Cannabis News – The Ignorance of Bob Troyer | Ep. 239 | 10-4-2018

Joe Klare discusses the mess left after The Boston Freedom Rally, an update on legalization in New Jersey and the ignorance of the U.S Attorney in Colorado.


  1. JOOOOOE!!! Have you heard anything about the new war on cannabis!!! tRump and sessions are working on behind closed doors???? I just seen my first news flash said Marijuana is more harmful than Alcohol to a teenager brain 🤔 PS i know you don't want to hear it BUT YOUR the Man your the MAN JOE 🤘😤 💨💨 ✌

  2. They should call you GI Joe the g i stands for ganja investigation Joe I know man I've been following this stuff for a long time that dude is speaking straight propaganda probably cuz he's getting pressured from federal sources to try to tap this down the dude is Straight Talk and Bs here where I live in Utah we can't get the separation of church and state the damn Mormons are trying to stick their nose into everybody's business and that's just what this Punk is doing to good video man keep up the good work I'm just as pissed off at the crap that he's saying to I feel the same way you do brother

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