Cannabis Magnesium Deficiency Troubleshooting AK-47

Troubleshooting Cannabis Magnesium Deficiency. This video looks at symptoms of Magnesium deficiency and what to do to rectify the problem. Disclaimer: …


  1. Hey Grow420, I have a very old school technique you may like, alot. For cal-mag deficiency you should use 1 tbl spoon of Epsom Salt to every 4 liters of water. Your plants will be healthy and praying to the light in no time. I like your style my friend ✌️

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  3. Friend, raise your ph to a 6.2 where plants in soil uptake calcium and magnesium the best at…..and up to 7 ph you flush with this water and you will see a difference…..CaMg wont absorb below 6.2 even though its available….check the PH section out here… good info here brother….peace.

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