Before and After a dose of CBD oil.

Teenager with autism in the midst of a very bad “tic attack”. Regular medication for tics was given around 2 hours prior to CBD oil. CBD oil stopped tics within …


  1. PAC money will not allow Big Farm to fail. That's is why I vote against those who take the PAC money Due to the fact they are looking out for their own BEST interests not Ours or our Families BEST interests.
    GOD bless you and your family ✋🏽

  2. Be very careful who you talk to about this! Although CBD oil is very safe authorities may not think so And may try to cause problems for you and your family. I was reading where a mother gave her epileptic son some CBD oil to stop his seizures and it did, but child protective services was involved and she is still fighting this in court. I use it and also distribute it. It has stopped my nerve pain and balanced out my diabetes, And I also sleep good at night because of it.

  3. Legalize CBD and THC, enough with the government telling us what we can put in our own bodies. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal but marijuana is not. Go F yourself!!!!!

  4. The god substance. Nothing else in the world is this versitile.. You can heal illness , make paper, make fuel , use it for a topical , textile for heavy duty rope and other applications including the ability to make even a body of a car from it ( 10 things you don't know about. Tv show. Season 3×08 ) . And it's completely renewable.. Corruption and arrogance is the only thing(s) in place keeping this from becoming a billion dollar textile/medicine/product 🤔💲😳👍🙄

  5. My most deepest and sincere prayers for your strong boy and family i hope and pray that as the medicinal purposes of cannabis continue to be studied that somewhere in the near future they develop a cure for your son and others alike and to you i say stay strong and hopeful i can imagine how hard it is for you but i have faith that a great breakthrough will come out of medicinal cannabis

  6. If taken orally it takes 1hr and a1/2 to 2 hrs for CBD or THC oil to be uptaken by the receptor of the body. It takes time to be digested by the stomach and small intestine. I don't doubt it gives your son relief the early onset or him just knowing that he will soon have relief could be calming him down. If you don't mind me asking what kind of CBD oil is he taking? Does it come from a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or how do you acquire it. Is it CBD only with no THC? I believe that he would get more relief from a 1:1 Cannabis tincture that means that the mixture is a equal amount of CBD to THC or a 3:1 mixture of CBD to THC. People forget that you get the most relief with CBD or THC thru Full spectrum Extracts that have all of the good cannabis derived compounds together mimicking the natural ratio's from the cannabis it was made from. Please remember THC is safe for children who can benefit from it. He might have some euphoria from it but he will get used to that quick because he won't need a large dose. There is not enough information out there about this.People are afraid to give THC to people because they don't want them to experience the "High" associated with cannabis oil but it is very safe and has just as many benefits as CBD and when they are in combination like they are found naturally in Cannabis plants it is even more effective at treating certain illnesses. Please look into The Full Spectrum Extracts with THC. Make sure to go to a Cannabis dispensary and ask if they carry Full Spectrum Extracts with THC and CBD and if they have test results for the samples. I hope this info can help you and anyone else who reads this. Feel free to ask me any questions. I am glad your little man has gotten some relief with CBD and maybe he can get better relief with and High Quality Cannabis extract. Make sure to stick with Indica mixes. It will help to calm him down so he is not pacing and anxious.

  7. I have seizures, the oil is the ONLY thing that gives me relief. Please don't forget these children when it's time to vote for someone who give all of us legal access to this medicine. God save the children, it's too late for me.

  8. I'm so glad they found great uses for cbd oil.I'm sure there r so many different herbs n minerals that can b helpful for many ailments from like heart disease to cancer.n no doubt many other ailments debilitating our kids.thank God u found something that can give him sum relief,even if its only for a while.

  9. Oh dear! Thanks for sharing. Please consider a tincture or spray, for the back of the mouth, side of cheek, under tongue, they work much faster and in 2 ways instead of being processed thru the liver.

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