We speak with RICH TV LIVE – About some ongoing developments with Aurora Cannabis and …


  1. Watch you guys every morning with my cup of coffee now. Concise, informed and positive energy. Saves me trailing through the news.. Great stuff.. Any chance you could incorporate the movement of the broader markets at the start of your round ups such as what the NYSE and NASDAQ did and then the relation to what the cannabis ETFS did? That way if the NYSE and NASDAQ are down 3% AND the cannabis markets are up for example we know it's bucking the trend or conversely being impacted, as this is a potential turning point over the next 6 months between bull and bear. That way we don't even need to check what the broader markets are doing on other platforms. One stop shop 😉

  2. So can a company retract diluted shares? Is this a viable option long run? This is my only concern with ACBFF that it will take a huge sum of money for the stock to move into the 30-40 range which is very possible of course. I just wonder if they can reverse dilution in the long term and if this is even a thing….

  3. quick basic question for a new beginner: when an excisting company like ACB lists also at another stock exchange, what happens to the oustanding stocks? more precise, what has to be done that trading at the new stock exchange can really take off? because since at the moment all stocks are stored/distributed/regulated within non US institutions, there would be transfer fees.
    In my understanding the listing would increase the stock price mildly to that degree that the ask of some people would compensate the extra cost from other bids. assuming a constant value (neglicting increased trading volume and cash flow) this effect would level out somewhen depending on the local demand.
    do i make sense?

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