Vikash Paul on Mallus vs Bengalis & Delhiites | Stand-Up comedy

A Malayali, a Bengali and a Delhiite walk into a bar. What happens next will BLOW YOUR MIND! To know, watch the video here. Follow Vikash at: …


  1. Anyone here who didn't find this funny?? Malayaleeye kalliyakiyal kuzhappam illa. Pakshe oru Bengaliyeo allangil oru Delhiitineyo kalliyakiyal kuzhappam aanu. Ithe endu thonivasama. What kind is shit is this?

  2. All supporters of this video are saying just understand the comedy in this video.. and take it as fun which picturised malayalis as porn lovers , alcoholic and ur malayalm films are porn films! How? Is there anything to laugh? atleast no malayalis can enjoy this video.. we cannot find out any comedy in this misleading video..

  3. There is no porn movies releasing in Kerala these days. All those are dubbed movies from various part of India. Start watching newly releasing Malayalam movies and stop watching those old shakeela shits. I know it is hard for you but you have to do it Mr. CA.

  4. This guy is proud to be bengali , but he should look into his relatives someone might be working in kerala only , man up dude , be like kenny Sebastian , jokdes on peoples feelings for views? I hope Adsense wl fuck u one day and finally pani eduth jeevichude ? 😙😂 Retarded mofo

  5. Kerala il joli ullathu kond begalikal kanji kudich kazhiyunu…adyam school te thinna kandid vaada Bengali..avante oru comedy…
    There are 30 lakh begalis working in construction sector of Kerala !

  6. How can one say that it is impossible to stop corruption in Bihar…He mentioned it as if only Bihar is the corrupt state and rest of India is clean.Corruption is everywhere you can't pick on one state just becoz of your lack of knowledge.Just to increase ur knowledge Karnataka is the most corrupt state as per data and I m saying this as I have faced it.I m a bihari and living in Bangalore right now so I know few places where bribe is demanded in Bangalore and for the same work to be done in my state they don't ask for bribe.

    And saying that keralites are about alcohol,porn and literacy …It clearly shows you haven't met any keralite in your lyf so judging anyone based on sitting in your room is so absurd …Stop doing this.Your whole act seemed to be smaller version of what abhishek krushna does on TV… Disrespecting

  7. My dear frond,u see only shakkela movie .that's your problem.Malayalam films are the high std movies in the basis of story real life script acting nd actors tooo please close check the national film awards and how many awards bags Malayalam cinema.

  8. More than subscribe you need to know about malluzzzzz. plzzz man don't say any thing rubbish that u don't know …. Kerala is famous for many good things that you don't know …. Plz try Know it. You can be a ca more than a stand up comedian … And you don't deserve that title …if uuu want to see a stand up comedian there in Kerala

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