1. Canada is just the 2nd country in the world to legalise cannabis. There are multiple UN conventions and treaties of which Canada is signatory, requiring Canada to criminalise drug use and sales. The reason more countries have not done this is because the process of doing so is messy and complicated. Moving incrementally while trying to go against the majority of countries at the UN including the US is a good thing. The only thing that worries the right more than creeping communism is all of a sudden communism

  2. I'd say I'm impressed with NDP's but they are such a mess in BC and Alberta, they may be a good choice for a Federal government but at the provincial level
    I just have a hard time support them.

  3. Ranken may not want it David, but you should push it for Ranken. I am like you describe of Ranken. But that is wrong of me and those other who want to serve, but could care less about getting acknowledgements. For here is one view that the rightwing illegitimately takes credit for. Pushing forward recognition.

  4. It's similar to how in the US, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all use illegal drugs at the exact same rate. Yet right wingers still favor laws that brutalize people for marijuana possession, under the rationale that, "Liberals only want it legalized so they don't get arrested!"

  5. I agree regarding the 'serious blind spot' on the part of the Liberals, as you put it. It's a big part of why I lean more toward the NDP or Green Party in general. Many Liberals, including Mr Trudeau, just seem to miss the point on so many issues. I believe that it's partly to do with their corporate interests. They do some very good things, but they seem to lean toward the interests of corporations, like 'big-pharma' for example, rather than providing for the needs of individual citizens. They are a little like the US Democrats in that way, unfortunately. I want to encourage them when they do well, but they just can't seem to step out of that 'rich kid' establishment bubble at moments when it really would matter and make a difference for so many Canadians. They should consider those votes for next year. If they don't try to connect with regular folks, they may hand the government back to the Conservatives, who will try to undo a lot of good work.

  6. Dont want a record dont commit a crime. simple. I wanted a career in the military/law enforcement do guess what I did? I don't smoke marijuana. Guess what, I don't have a criminal record either.

    I agree making marijuana illegal/decriminalizated was stupid in the first place but at the end of the day the person with those records decided to break the law. Lifes about choices and consequences, make it and deal with it.

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