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  1. To lbcc board of trustees my name is James lonero 0130446 a former student of lbcc whose suspension was over more than 1 year ago i have been exercising my rights to free speech regarding my improper treatment by the previous administration a total lack of due process and investigation of my student discipline case suspension and restraining order
    While negotiating my return to lbcc i was arrested by police for bogus gun charge almost had a seizure and went into shock the next morning i appeared in court and was coerced into plea of guilty into one online restraining order violation without even knowing which one so 2,000 pages of online protest and court found only one item that was able to get me on
    There was nothing on the original order that would justify the granting of the order the testimony was coached and in some cases allegedly fraudulent
    Also the original hearing in student in place did not have any procedures or provisions to protect my rights as a disabled student also it was never investigated my legitimacy of my claim that i may have in 1st day of spring 2015,had a right to stay in english 47 classroom m 207 after i was given a syllabus and allowed to sit down in the classroom for up to 30 minutes a waitlisted student is not allowed to be seated or given a syllabus which i still have also the professor lost her composure in the classroom first
    Also not investigated 2 weeks before spring 2015 professor was concerned about online communication regarding my waitlist position may have told english department head dean of language arts and due to online concerns a plan was allegedly deny me access to english 47 and have me set up to be disciplined without knowledge of student discipline and affairs before school started spring 2015 even if claims are total bullshit they need to be investigated for title 9 title 6 ada violations according to rules about making a discrimination complaint to ccc bogg i have to make it from lbcc and cant make the complaint without being on campus also prior to decision of student discipline and affairs no proper mental health assessment was made to ensure understanding of student discipline hearing process dsps was not informed of problem properly so dsps never had chance to represent me at hearing
    So you may have disciplined a dsps student disregarding his rights as a student never investigated facts only reacting to complaints creating a hostile academic environment damaging that student's ability to function in the classroom destroying any will to succeed academically also you never paid any attention to my complaints of head trauma to verify concussion or contusion skull fracture from an injury at home top of skull going through plate glass window so why are you so willing to keep my voice silent while professors related to my case can speak freely on campus about the case and the family of sylvia garcia cant keep their mouths shut while at thai restaurant in westwood so i call bullshit to every professor in the english department then english department head dean of language arts student discipline director dean of student affairs vp of student support service president oakley and you tje board of trustees who are not even taking the time to read legitimate complaints i have against the college

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