Wake & Bake America 692 How To Medicate With Cannabis, Weed Smell Myths, & Too Much Oregon Weed

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  1. On being famous….you would always get the best version of everyone else they would alwYs try to be their best character to you..you would go crazy knowing all these fake people surrounded you and maybe you would crave realness…the struggle in life to be happy is something meaningful….try being the opposite of famous and loved..be a nobody…watch how you see people actually express their soul toward you.

  2. Heyy scotty bro – do u have jobs open in ur recharge dungeon? ? I wanna move to Colorado but have no employment set up –limmie know the delio my man ( btw recharge is the jam:-) )

  3. here's why snake oil is a bad thing back in the wild west days people used to pull up in wagons these guys were selling snake oils saying that there cures for different ailments and it was clearly known as a rip off

  4. Scotty We should focus less on cbd and thc levels,and more on unique strains with certain effects. Keeping it a whole plant medicine, keep it real and natural and know your grower. Love the show guys overgrowers love

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