Lift Stations #1061 (Air Date 8-5-18)

If you have flat ground that could benefit from improved drainage, a lift station may be what you need. The Hefty brothers share their experiences with the cost …

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  1. Guys, who has money to do stuff like that with $3.50 corn and $8.00 soybeans?! I wish I had some excess water to worry about!!! We only got 1" of rain for the whole month of July! I've had 3 ponds dry up on my place. P. S. Did you guys fight with each other a lot when you grew up as kids??? You guys are constantly disagreeing and bickering as adults. When you have a major disagreement does your Dad settle the dispute??? Brian I feel like you disrespect your brother some and you need to be more respectful towards him in my humble opinion.

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