1. Man I'm a loyal member of the community gave freedom n fortunes fighting for my freedom..for a wonderful herb I'm new subber n I luv u guys s. I see a lot of sell outs not hit like .. Bullshit give lil back !!!

  2. Water only with compost is super easy! Anybody dm me at @canaorganiccrafts if you need help! Top dress with plain or vermi compost every light cycle change is enough to keep you going with some micronutrients added once a week!

  3. The idea of organic superiority is getting out of hand. Saying that its the same as comparing fresh homemade pizza from scratch to a frozen pie is beyond an exaggeration. Frozen pizza doesn't win cooking competitions, but synthetically grown bud wins in cannabis cups all the time.
    People need to just grow the way they want to without needing to shit on other peoples methods.

  4. Want to play a new game watch BongAppetit and dab or bong hit every time they say terps. My wife and I did this on 4/20 and could not get through 2 episodes, but very fun..DGC

  5. Hawthorne garden group is under Bayer/Monsanto. They just bought sunlight supply last week. They also own, General Hydro, Botanicare and Gavita. They have been owned by them for years now. It's crazy. If your not buying Monsanto's produce then you are supporting them by growing it yourself with their equipment. They're corraling the market

  6. led facts, no way to exaust the heat created by burning electric, watt for watt ALL lights put off the same heat, do dont get caught up in that LED SCAM…. at least u can get vented hood for hps and a guy all ready proved to me led makes that same cloned plant the least potent CMH is the highest

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