1. Sometimes I lay down and look up, I wonder, is our LORD and Savior still sitting on His throne…. is He standing….. or is He stepping down…., ready. Thank you so much for this video. God bless you and protect you and your family.

  2. Great! So concerned with one's aura when smoking pot will give you one mucked up disgusting looking aura, just like alcohol or any other mood altering drug use will. And it is a great way for demonic entities to enter a person when they have this weak and damaged aura, or energetic field. BS. California for sure.

  3. The bible that you people read now has been modified so much throughout time and history that it's basically a fairy tale book. There is some truth left in it but, all the key elements that made it the religion of Allah the Almighty have been changed by the satanists/freemasons/secret societies at the head of the vatican and the church, they made you believe that jesus is god in the flesh, or that jesus is the son of god.

    ( SURAH 112 ( AL-IKHLAS ), VERSE 3 : " He begets not, nor was He begotten. " )

    This is association which is a major sin in all monotheist religions, but the authorities ( church, vatican etc. ) are constantly pushing this lie/sin in people's mind.

    Why would they do such a thing you might ask me, their leader is satan and satan's ultimate goal is to corrupt as many souls as he can to bring them into hell with him, and what better way to do that than by making people misbelieve, associate, practice idolatry, drink alcohol INSIDE of the church and finally, eat filthy pigs and non blessed meat that causes your demise.

    I am not doing this because I take pleasure in bashing people's religions or because I have a wordly interest in doing it, I litterally die inside when I see people who are as lost as the christian people and I really do want your soul to be saved so please open your heart and your mind and realize that this is an opportunity from your true Lord Allah the Almighty, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful to repent and take the righteous path of Islam.

    No need to answer me, I said what I had to say, unless you have a true question, I won't reply.

  4. before the nylon fiber was invented everything was made of hemp fibers and so on. Therefore, it was also banned because of the plastic industry, so make a lot of profit.

  5. REVELATIONS 22:2 "For the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations". The medical benefit of Marijuana [Cannabis] and Magic Mushrooms is also found in the Old Testament. So called Narcotics are actually good for your health if ingested in the correct dosage. Too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing.

  6. Be careful, they use sage to cleanse which apparently isn't biblical. I just found this out, and I've used sage for cleansing with using "Our Father" prayer and bible scriptures not realizing it's a sin! Wow! Sage smells really nice. To much gives a high, nausea, and headache. The Bible mentions incense. Which is also very often used in the occult and witchcraft. Exodus 30:34 describes a precise recipe of holy incense from God Himself. God also specified, that incense made of another recipe is forbidden to be used on his altar. This recipe describes that you need equal part frankincense, sweet spices, stacte and onycha. But again, if you only use incense to make your home to smell good, then it is not a sin. For cleansing outside of the only power to cleanse which is through Jesus Christ, is sinning, pagan, and sorcery. Pot smoking, I heard also falls under the category of sorcery laws because it opens the pineal and allows spiritual manifest. Though it seems innocent what these women are doing and they have the intent to heal, does not mean God winks at this, nor are they evil, because they aren't doing something for the intent of harm to another, but biblocally it is sin. I certainly won't use sage anymore with the intent to cleanse. If God protects us from all bad spirits, for a believer to believe in these customs and ritual cleansing is to doubt His ultimate power. Thank you for sharing Vigilant Angel. I feel grieved for seeing this because I didn't know.

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