Joe Rogan – Depression IS NOT Caused By A Chemical Imbalance In The Brain?

Joe Rogan talks to Johann Hari whom argues that depression and anxiety are not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. From The Joe Rogan …


  1. What makes diagnoses so difficult is the impossible number of variables that make up the human experience (both internal and external) perhaps a refresher by Dr Robert Sapolwlsky would be helpful?

  2. I can seriously vibe with helping other people as a way to make myself happier.
    At the very least, for me, making someone else happy makes me feel like I did something good. A lot of my depression stems from feeling useless and that might be why, but this guy definitely has a point that speaks to me :/

  3. I was not depressed because of mental illness. I was depressed because I was molested as a kid and them raped as an adult and was being sexually harrassed in the workplace at the same time. My doctor never once asked about my personal life. I was put on Zoloft and Xanax and they completely made me not feel and the day my dose was doubled I overdosed on all the meds. I have never taken another drug again. The medical community knew it induced suicide in people and put It on the market. It wasn't until I started talking about my trauma years later without medication, that my depression disappeared completely.

  4. No one medical science who is properly educated believes there is only one kind of depression. There's a diagnostic code specifically for situational, self limiting depression and is treated with lifestyle changes. Then there is depression comorbid with other disorders, as a symptom of disorders, and major depression, etc. The last time I saw a practitioner who pushed drugs in the first visit without looking at the whole picture was in the 1990s. Behavioral therapy is all the rage in mental health care now, specifically because most disorders don't respond to drugs alone. This entire video is a strawman.

  5. The product of my environment causes my depression, I don't need to be on medicine because if it,I know you see it. The Life around me is depressing I'm sure alot of people share these feelings. It's called beautiful it's called being Human… Theres no medicine for that is there. Don't worry I'll wait sarcasm!?. Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Big pharma will kill you. Doctors are just as corrupt and greedy that they'll diagnose you with an illness that isn't there and perscribe you pills that you don't need. Hook you, keep their pockets full by signing a little paper. and this also has a hand in depopulation so works out for everyone except for you.

  7. Man….there's a real connection of just bad body management, from the processed crap eaten (sugar is KEY), lack of having the essential 15 vitamins 70+ trace minerals, no understanding of basic health maintenance, liver, colon, kidney cleansing & body detoxing. At 30 I saw 3 good friends who had the similar upbringing die from one form of cancer or another….At 34 I myself developed it but stayed away from the medicos and started learning the bottom basics. That was 14 years ago, and I haven't been sick since.

    Just watch the Mikhail Petersen podcast with Joe to see how she corrected herself from depression and a plethora of other illnesses.

    The only point to understand is the longer the body has been sick (mismanaged) the longer the time to recover usually takes.

  8. It's brain shape. Not chemicals. And we can change the shape of our brain through experience. Like ptsd. You can see a different shape. I completely agree with the guest that it's unmet needs that makes our brain dysfunctional. And! Scientific facts bore that out.

  9. I think lately the tribes are diving beyond race and into battle of the sexes. It’s only bound to get worse if people don’t start learning to empathize with each other more effectively.

  10. I could publish a novel on my experience with being negligently misguided in the psychiatry industry. Thinking about starting a short story novel with all the other experiences I’ve heard from others.

  11. This seams like more of an understanding issue then "a huge disconnect between what the doctor's believe and the public are told".

    Pretty sure everyone, even if its just intuitively knows that if you life is really shitty you'll (likely) get depressed and that if you relieve those shitty life circumstances you'll stop being depressed. Obviously? Right?

    The problem is that this completely does not remove the increasingly large group of people who have a life that should by all means, result in them being contempt, but aren't. Within everyones brain there is a propensity to produce chemicals like seratonin (in relation to other people). The lower your propensity the less likely you are to be contempt with your life at any given quality. If you have severe seratonin deficiency almost no quality of life and self percieved fulfillment will result in any term of happiness.

    Obviously in the majority of cases, a solution to indiviguals depression that is more effective then basic drugs. Because most people are lacking in one or more of 'career, family/friends, relationship, et.c'

    The critical problem here is that most people cannot simply 'improve' the category they struggle in. Its difficult to just 'get' friends when your poorly socialised, there may be nothing you can do about an abusive family. No fulfilled from your work? Sure you might be able to survive the risk to jump to a different career, but what if others are dependant on you? Try to swap jobs and fail and they suffer, a risk you won't take. And so on.

    Even if you COULD improve said categories in large enough time scale, that certainly doesn't help you short term because accomplishing each step towards said goal can feel impossible whilst in the grips of depression.

    The hope is that the antidepressents perscribed help cumiliatively instead of by them selves. You may only get 2 points by taking them, but if those 2 points give you the drive to sort out your sleep schedule your up to +10, and hell that may just be enough for you to go back to work and or start eating properly, and so on.

    The main argument against this ofcourse is that "they don't tell you to go sort your life out, they just give you the pills, charge you and discharge you.". Which im personally quite skeptical of and the fact that they profit from it isn't evidence enough for me. Having seen a few examples of what the equivelant care in the UK is like.

  12. Make self happy by making others happy is well established. It is part of human nature unless they are taught otherwise.
    1) give money to needy and enjoy the reaction
    2) help an stranded person on the highway and enjoy the result
    3) save a drowning victim and feel the fulfillment

  13. Yes! So glad to seeing this discussed! The chemical imbalance is a byproduct of environmental traumas (such as childhood emotional neglect and/or abuse). Like the story of light begins long before the lightbulb….

  14. I struggle with depression every day and yeah most of it is the lack of financial freedom. Not having a good woman around definitely gets more difficult with time I dont care what anyone says. Never found a job I enjoy and none paid enough or even gave me enough time to even live my fukn life. I'm 30 and have never felt more lost. Not sure I'll last another 10 years if this keeps up.

  15. I hate when Joe interrupts people who are literally in the middle of making a really good point or giving out good information and asks them the most idiotic question. Happens every time. I always catch myself just yelling out “stfu Joe!! Let the man finish speaking.” Why does he even invite guests on the show if he’s just going to interrupt them and make it about himself?

  16. Johann Hari is spot on. Joe Rogan is only speaking because he needs to feel it is his show and he does this by pretending he is asking important questions for truthful investigation that are necessary to please his viewers. Let the Johann speak without interruption for your insecurity Joe. If someone knows more about a particular topic and is teaching you this in your own home, it doesn't make you small.

  17. Joann Hair is brilliant. His viewpoint and studies should be heard and acknowledged by the masses. I very much look forward to his ongoing career and studies. Not only the subject of antidepressants but also the real underlying reasons for drug addiction.

  18. When people like myself have struggled with depression all their lives, its really fucking annoying to hear Joe say "Oh just go running, oh dude just eat healthier" these medications don't work, but Joe's occasional nonsense certainly doesn't help either.

  19. As someone who actually suffers from a chemical imbalance (as well as both of my brothers and my mother) I can tell you there really is such a thing. It’s just that most people that are given antidepressants shouldn’t really be on them. They used to only prescribe antidepressants for people who were hospitalized from depression. That all changed with Prozac…

  20. He mentioned Abilify and I had the same thought – horrific. I once got it for getting more drive….I stopped taking it oretty soon and I so escaped possible sideeffects, but to think I took an antpsychotic!!!! where I needed none is really sick.

  21. Get rid of the Republicans raise the minimum wage to 2250 an hour make sure everybody has Health Care. And depression will be no more the problem is is that we have a crappy world because of the Republican economy only the top 30% get to have anything. And the rest of us have to suffer through their b***** get rid of the Republicans raise the minimum wage to 2250 an hour make sure everybody has health care then we will have a better Society. Republicans root of all evil

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