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  1. Steve is the man lol he gets very deep and thoughtful but can still make a dick joke. I respect that a lot. I'm definitely skeptical of some of the eastern traditions that he's a fan of but I'm more skeptical of people that want to flat out say these things became tradition for no reason. I think we should keep traditional ideas like these around, we should definitely continue to test things for evidence and use science to inform our choices, but it would seem foolish to dismiss these techniques just because the science on them isn't out yet.

  2. Im a medical practitioner, I have to say that I absolutely loved this video! Actually, all of his techniques are the best natural health maintenance anyone could do for longevity. Oil pulling, face yoga, the deep breathing ,the dry bushing with cold shower is an excellent source for hydrotherapy. Each of his routines have immense health benefits that most don’t have a clue.
    I’ve study western medicine as well as holistic and I have to say that this Gentleman is ASTOUNDING!

    If you don’t like this wealth of information , you have to be a CUNT!

  3. Just watching them both do the eye exercises had me in stitches. Then they did the tongue exercises. THEN they started masturbating their wrinkly old necks I almost died. The fact that they both look alike adds an extra weirdness to the whole bizzarro workout.
    Most decent hotels have gyms anyway, added to the fact that the maid could walk in on you at any time and just freak out..

  4. Yes Steve is a bit eccentric with this video. But, they asked him what he does and he told them. Steve Maxwell is my favorite trainer in the world. I have so much respect for him. He does not bullshit you. He’s direct and to the point. His training tips have really helped me.

  5. I wonder if these two dudes also subscribe to the Chinese diet of bear tooth, tiger claw, rhino horn, shark fin and every other endangered animal to improve their manhood.

  6. he don't look any better than any other 65 year-old, and actually looks older than a lot. Reminds me of Wim Hof, he's convinced himself that his way is the only way and is the best way. He's a good marketer

  7. This man is a genius hands down!
    After listening to him on the Joe Rogan Podcast my view on training totally changed, and I pretty much follow his philosophy on training.

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