Cheese & Jack Herer Week 1 – Full Cannabis Grow Guide

This channel and its content are intended for adults over the age of 21. I do not condone any illegal activities, and this video was filmed for documentary …


  1. Literally just watched all your videos in one day, great channel and easy to follow. Could you please reply with a link or info on where I could buy the same growing medium as you or similar? Also will you be topping this season? Keep up the great work from a fellow grower!

  2. Looking forward to these girls, my first plant (outdoor) had some hickups, she's pretty small and didn't start flowering yet. I'm now covering it with a dark box for 12 hours/day to try and force her into flower.
    Hopefully I'll get at least one bud, if not better luck next time, these videos teach me well tho. Cheers

  3. Hey so have a similar set up from a past season . My inline fan is a 240 cfm and my exhaust fan is a 440 like yours . What would you recommend other then a 240 to bring fresh air in the tent to off set such a negative pressure and to cool it off a few dagrees ? Much needed help lol .excited for the new grow season man . Cant get enough of this

  4. Good production values, new tech, good content, regular release schedule, and shocker of shockers NOT getting blazed on screen like every other stoner on Youtube turns out to be a strong combination towards establishing a solid channel. Keep it going!

  5. Another amazing video as always could you do another video about electricity use ? I'm putting out 1,700 kwh a month and the regular is 990kwh, how ever it's been very hot lately and I use a HPS light so I rely on my ac to keep my plans cool

  6. So excited to see this notification pop up today. Looking good as always. Also good timing with some WW auto and photo going now in parallel with your grow. Looking forward to much more here and on Snapchat. 👍

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