The Future of the Cannabis Industry | Interview With DOPE Magazine

The cannabis industry has massive potential because, as I see it, it’s primarily build up of young people and entrepreneurs. Frankly, I’d go as far to as that the …


  1. 'I have a lot of cynicism for someone who writes a business book when they've been a professor at Yale their whole lives'

    And, I would add, they have likely never taken any risks and lived and learnt from their mistakes

  2. It’s a commodity that carries social clout and is heavily regulated. It’s a sleeping giant. Startups need to start developing peripherals for the product. Once it’s legal everywhere, the market will grow astronomically overnight. Right now, cannabis is where alcohol was during prohibition. I believe cannabis will influence the way alcohol does currently. Parties and relaxation. Who’s gonna make the next koozie or the next cooler or the next keg equivalents in the cannabis industry?

  3. How is nobody commenting on how BAD of an interviewer, this woman is. She is literally reading off a piece of paper and has NOTHING back to say to his answers. Long pauses and "Yeah, ahhh, so you say…." Like he just went off and gave you a 60 second answer and you have NOTHING to sayy???? This was so cringe worthy on her part. Gary sensed it early on, but he kept it professional.

  4. I LOVE the INDUSTRY ! I have COPD so I cannot Drink or SMOKE… Its such a HUGE place to learn about..& see what CBD & its strains can do! There are people who will not agree YET…Will smile at YOU while you are walking in & out of the Dispensary …OPEN MIND…OPEN MIND! XOXO Sheri Morgan

  5. Gary was way ahead of the editor on the phone. She was super basic, and didnt add much to the convo. I was looking for insights from someone in that industry.. she couldnt even ask good questions. sorry for being maybe too critical, but i couldnt finish this video

  6. What would you say to the 19 year old kid who wants to be seen as an influential person or pioneer within the cannabis industry? What advice would you give considering I'm barred from the industry until I'm 21?

  7. There are many studies that states that smoking weed causes lung inflammation just like tobacco but it does have some other health benefits when you consume the oil instead of smoking it

  8. i was in california this summer, and man since the recreational use became legalized, cannabis shops are popping left and right. And dont think its just criminals buying and loitering around some sketchy cannabis disp, its very professionally stocked, shown, and sold just as if you go to any pharmacy. And its just not flowers theres tons of things from edibles to other smoking paraphernalia being experimented with and sold. As an advocate or not i still believe legal drugs in the United States are far worse than this and more people are becoming waken about that fact.

  9. The adult industry were the ones that initially influenced and innovated the marketing field. They were the first to do eCommerce, create innovative landing pages, and developed and used tracking software before it existed. I'm sure the Cannabis industry will bring about some great impacts as well.

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