Dashcam: Snow Day, Stuck in the Snow, Pot Holes and Golf R Haldex Fun!

Hey friends, sorry for the cursing initially. pot holes are quite possibly my worst enemy. Who’s stoked to have Golf R videos again?!?!? 🙂 Running Blizzak LM-32 …


  1. Hey, Adam; I messaged you a while back asking about battery maintainer and no block heater in my Golf R…wondering how cold you have started in…last night we got down to -42C real temp and -48C with the wind chill, and my Golf R still started like a charm. We have had an abnormally high number of freezing rain days and a lot of snow and it plows through everything just wonderfully. I'm in Northern Alberta, Canada, 59th parallel, one hour from Northwest Territories. Loving the car. And the heater is fantastic, warm interior right now…very important up here. Thanks a lot, love your vids, Merry Christmas!

  2. Have to say, my Golf R is on order and I really appreciate these videos to see what I can expect in the snow here. Be neat if you have time to do a snow-hoon video or maybe some structured tests like snow stopping distance between your R and an Impreza and an SUV. Also, you ever have ice-driving courses on the lakes there? Seems a natural. 🙂

  3. Cool video. Dear God! Down here in Philadelphia, we get 4” of snow and there’s citywide panic. It’s a joke.
    (I have 2013 WRX hatchback and currently have five year old Firestone Winterforce tires mounted to black steelies. I’m surprised not only as to how well they actually work, but I’m still using them since December 2012. Trying them up in Vermont might be a different story, though.)

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