Workers and investors in Canada’s legal pot industry could face risks crossing U.S. border

Politico’s Luiza Savage says that Canadians who work in the legal marijuana industry could face risks when crossing the border. Subscribe to CTV News to …


  1. I stopped going to the USA over a decade ago, and will not return to Thug Nation until they are held to account for war crimes; the murder of hundreds of thousands, displacement of millions, creating refugees worse than WW2, turnng cities to rubble, and turning three countries into failed states in the Middle East

  2. It's time to call a meeting.
    This isn't going to turn into a revised differentiated version of a cash grab.
    If the dealers are wearing white collars now, then it becomes that much more important to question their authority, any time that they are more than willing to begin answering to it. Got that DEA?

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