Why is this THE MOST MOTIVATIONAL TALK EVER?? See for yourself

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  1. An honest interview. It's profound to admit you don't know what to tell a person. People in positions of great influence sometimes fall victim to the need to have an answer to and for everything. "Shit happened." We are responsible for putting a period or a comma behind that statement.

  2. This is exactly me now . I been hating myself for making same mistakes again and again . I would laying in bed 2-3 days just feeling the pain . I know what bad about me . And trying to make those changes . I failed again and again . Honestly there is no1 I hate more In this world but myself

  3. This Is Just Amazing, It's So Raw And Personal. I Found This Talk To Be Very Different Then Most Video Talks I Watched. When Tom Asked Jay "Do You Feel Old?" Part Of Jay's Response Was "I'm An Old Soul" When He Said That, Jay Had A Bet Of A Smile And A It Brought A Bet Of A Young Corrector To His Face. It Brought Such Depth, Pain, Sorrow, Happiness, Life And History This Really Inspired Me. 🙂

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