Van Life: Cannabis Superstore (Legal Marijuana & My Thoughts)

This was one thing I really wanted to do while in Colorado – legally buy marijuana in a store. This video includes my philosophy on using cannabis (Marijuana) …


  1. You need Jesus, certainly not Pot. However if you want to be a legal loser, then why not stay in Colorado. You yourself said in one of your previous videos you were going to go and get HIGH. Anyone who feels the need to alter their state of mind to avoid reality needs serious help. Two wrongs do not make a right if you indeed want to pit marijuana against alcohol or any other mind altering drug/substance. You only have today to start making the right choices to live a peaceful and abundant life. And theres only one who can show you the way. His name is Jesus.

  2. Great video Julia! It's a natural herb i agree. It's all about money that's why some states have it illegal. Nevada legalized it thank god, nothing wrong with it. I have anxiety and PTSD and it's good for help with that.

  3. I am using RSO for cancer, pain, fun,etc Also my Vet told me to give cbds to my dog for pain. She is 12 1/2 and has arthritis . It works for both of us. I am lucky to live In Washington state where it’s legal.

  4. 'murica!

    If you didn't buy something there's $5 mid-top shelf grams in debeque, quick in and out faster than paying with cash for gas… Not that I would know.

    Growing mescaline containing San pedro originally from south america is 100% legal while peyote natural to north america is a felony. Logic and politics don't go together. We only got deregulation and legalization of weed because of money. Everything comes back to money.

    My undetstanding is recreational got legal in CA but is regulated on a county level with more counties in NorCal saying no to recreational. I haven't looked into it because it doesn't effect me, if Norcal and Socal split into different states I would look into it.
    Idaho is another one that needs to split, Mormon Idaho and North Idaho.

    Coffee itself if my favorite addiction, I can quit sugar and caffeine no problem but something about coffee I can't go without.

    Colorado's goverment and public works is doing great. The real economy is still crap, there has not been significant work in creating industry or jobs. Most of the employment is still from consumerism and healthcare.
    Recreational pot has also put a lot of small growers out of business, it's hard to compete with a legal sticks and bricks shop selling top shelf stuff for such low prices.

  5. The Government here just let a mum of a young son use the oil on her lad. as he was getting 100 fits per day. she flew out out got some in Germany but airport guards took it off her. it hit the news. then her lad ended up in hospital. and that really hit the news. so things may be changing on medical grounds in UK.

  6. As unpopular as this may make me here on your channel, I will say a few things against marijuana. I am totally against the legalization of it for popular use. IF there is a medical reason to use it, I might consider that. However, as anecdotal as the following may be, it is what I personally saw and experienced.
    1. I did see a man smoke marijuana one time, just one time and go completely nuts. He had to be restrained by several others to keep him from jumping off the second story of a college dorm. I saw him go past my door and he looked totally crazed.
    2. I knew another man who also smoked pot one time and had to be taken to the ER because his respiration went sky high. Neither of these people had been taking anything else at the time these things happened and they happened at different times at different places.
    3.Granted, these things happened in my own drug doing days in the '70s but I think they are relevant nonetheless. Everyone I knew back then (and I knew quite a few) started their drug abuse with marijuana. Every one of them went on to heavier drug usage, myself included. Does marijuana MAKE you do this ? Maybe, maybe not. It sure seemed to make the choice easier.
    4.I did not see marijuana improve anyone's life in any way, shape or form. To the contrary, I saw a number of families split, marriages fail and just general personal chaos because these people were stoned.
    5. You may be the type of person who does not have problems with marijuana. Maybe. However, from all I ever saw, that is a rarity.
    6. I know for a fact that while some may argue that marijuana is NOT addictive, it certainly can be. It may not be an addiction like heroine but it is at the very least habit forming to the detriment of many. I felt for the longest time I could not do with out it. It was like a god to me.
    7. I saw other people have what seems in retrospect to have been some sort of psychotic episode due to marijuana. I cannot explain it very well but I saw behavior that was not the average stoned person and is really inexplicable apart from their marijuana use. Also, I saw many times people make choices when intoxicated on pot that they would not have made had they been sober. I'm talking choices that changed their lives radically and not for the better. Happened to me as well.
    8.As to marijuana not being a drug, well, I can eat lettuce and not be intoxicated. I can eat a lot of lettuce and not hallucinate. However, pot can cause both of these things.
    9.Marijuna use does not, general speaking, in any way encourage what we could typically refer to as good behavior. It is not at all unusual for people to engage in sorts of sordid activities that they may have avoided had they been straight instead of stoned.
    I know that this may seem to be a small thing and open to opinion. Looking at it from the Christian perspective I now hold, I can say that what is often described as good morals is not something most stoners engage in. I certainly did not see such myself.
    10.I realize one could be drunk on alcohol and have a lot of the same sort of thing happen. I am against drinking too. I also came from a household destroyed by alcoholism. My late parents were both "functional" alcoholics as to working but they cared a lot more for drinking that they did their kids. I don't really draw a line between drugs. Abuse of one is to me as bad as another. I hate what any have done to me and the people I have known.
    11. Finally, while totally personal, this really caps it for me. I knew a couple of girls back in the day who would have never gotten into drugs without marijuana. I got one of them started and saw her life go into a downward spiral beyond what I thought possible. It was a terrible story that I won't go into. Just believe me, if pot had not been in her life, she would have been spared a horrible chain of events. The other I met after she had started smoking dope. She was 14. I was a close friend of her and her boyfriend. While they both were going deeper and deeper into drug abuse, the main drug was marijuana. I lost track of them after they married. About a year I go I managed to find her husband through the internet. To make a long story short, I stood by her grave shortly thereafter. Dead from a drug overdose some years ago. If Jan had not started off with pot, would she still be alive? Maybe so. In any event, she's gone and I was at her grave and I blame marijuana and the stupid mindset that had us all believing all those years ago that peace, love and happiness was available through substance abuse.

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