1. I don’t even smoke weed anymore but it’s just common sense that it should be legal. And don’t be a hypocrite and say it shouldn’t be when you go to the bar every weekend or drink at home possibly every night to unwind. We know without a doubt, objectively that alcohol is worse for you than marijuana. We also know cigarettes are much more harmful that combusting marijuana, which now, more and more people either ingest or vape.

  2. Since you are a youth pastor ask yourself a question. Where in the bible is their any mention cannabis in any negative way ?? Then ask yourself why if there is no mention of it in the book of Gods words would any Christian be against it ?? Could it be a bit of propaganda pushed by pastors ??

  3. Opioids for someone who is dealing with a broken body is death. Temporary is okay but longer will lead to addiction.
    MM is a much better option, Just very expensive.

  4. honestly weed guided me to be more accepting and tolerant of my animal brian. Is that good? Is that bad? It's a mixed bag I guess. The answer would require lots and lots of data and research. But weed didn't create my animal brain, I would estimate that most of all humans have animal brains. We all want to play and eat and sleep. That's the animal. The animal gets way bigger when the angel side gets threatened. The Angel side is our awareness of others. And some never had an angel side to begin with. Some are only animals, for whatever reason. They don't crave to be more animal because they are empty of morality, so they don't necessarily need weed. Well, they do, but not for themselves. They need weed to corrupt the angelic. But some of the angelics need to tap into their animals, so that they can have compassion and understanding and a triumphant spirit for humanity. The government can never distinguish this for us, we must do it for ourselves.

  5. I used to smoke a LOT of weed, I liked it for yrs. But then it started making me EXTRA PARANOID all of a sudden😳Eating it doesn’t seem to cause as much paranoia😳But I’m not trying to risk it anymore

  6. My thoughts on the subject is once it becomes legal the government will make it into something it's not just like big tobacco and if it doesn't kill us and there are no side effects it will be made until something that does that is something that the FDA has worked very hard on in my opinion is making legalize slow death

  7. 1:17 “God gave us that seed. Let it grow, let grow”.

    Does this mean we should go crazy with opium since it comes from the poppy plant? We are having a huge problem with opiate addiction problem in the states right now. Technically, with the logic here, we should just indulge.

    I’m not against marijuana, but if you’re going to argue for it. you need to have stronger arguments over the one above. Just saying…and just nitpicking.

  8. Constitutionally what gives the government the right to tell you what you can and cannot put in your body? I've never understood that. Maybe if it caused you to go insane and hurt others, but that's not happening.

  9. Here is my miracle marijuana story:
    In 2005, I was paralyazed after a surgery. My stomach and entire digestive system just stopped working. It causes great pain and I winded up living in a hospital because I couldnt eat, sleep, or barely even walk. I tried marijuana because I was taking such strong pain medication. It is legal for medicinal purposes here in NYC, with a Dr prescription of course. Because of the marijuana, I started to eat a little, and that gave me strength to walk. I still have complications but I am happy to be home + able to eat some things again. It really is a miracle plant + I suggest trying it if you have medical issues it can help. But please do your research before trying anything, even marijuana. Thanks 4 the great content Eli!!🙂🙂

  10. He's such a hippie but cool! With that being said, I believe an0maly was not the greatest of characters for this particular topic. Although he touched on some good points he was not able to express more detail on those points. His coming back over again to "it's a plant" comment brings to mind the "typical stoner" mentality while

    I think the political chat about marijuana is greatly embellished, made to seem like a huge conspiracy theory when the legalization of marijuana is all about money…both making and losing. Love your videos❤ keep up the good work👍

  11. Washington yeet
    Just because you legalize it, people still buy it from people on the street instead of paying taxes like the intended purpose of "legalizing the sale/consumption of weed"

  12. I don't like the idea of legalization because it's taxed for profit, which drives up the cost. Add in licensing fees to grow, etc, and it's still cheaper to buy it on the streets instead of a dispensary. I think the solution is to decriminalize it. Wipe the crimes off the books and let people grow it naturally. Period.

  13. I live in Colorado. Legalizing marijuana was the worst thing we've done in recent history as a state. The transient population has grown exponentially, taxing our resources. Specifically, Larimer County Colorado has seen an estimated 400% increase in it's transient population, and the violent crime rate has risen 85% to 90% in the last three years. Our traffic fatalities caused due to marijuana impairment are up 151%.

  14. I don't really mind An0maly that much. But was a bit surprised with some of his simplistic points. Like "it's a plant" is one if the most overused pointless arguments. So is basically every drug, and especially some of the hardest drugs are derived somewhere from a plant. As well as, there are plants that are poisonous to humans. He also said that weed isn't an hallucigen. But aren't edibles made from weed? When taken that way there is a chance of hallucination, though slight. I also believe technically speaking there is a rather small chance to hallucinate from smoking it. But I don't really know I've never done it, I'm only recalling what I've read from Psychonaut sites.

  15. Yes.

    Why is the government delaying on this? The greedy bastards could tax it.

    Cigarettes and alcohol are terrible for us.

    My only concern is people driving while high. Basically, place similar regulations on it like alcohol.

  16. The real question is what is happening on An0maly’s shirt?

    In Florida the unfortunate thing is if u do get a prescription for medicinal marijuana, then you can not obtain your concealed weapons permit any longer. I wish they would change that law.

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