How new Ohio medical marijuana bill will work

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) – Legal marijuana is coming to the Buckeye State, but only in a very limited way. The medical marijuana law signed by Governor John …


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  2. We need less of Alcohol* we need less of Pills* we need less of Tobacco* we need less all other Drugs* WEE NEED MORE Marijuana More Cannabis More Weed
    Marijuana/weed it doesn't matter it should be legal everywhere because it grows and lives everywhere on this f***ing planet it's God's creation so therefore it's meant for us all and is the cure of cancer I am Ohio and I approve this message! TDG™

  3. Let's go down the list:
    1) THC pills are useless because they just get a patient high, while CBD is the ingredient that does most of the medical work. Thus they miss the boat entirely, getting folks high but not curing anything. In fact, it is this reason why some studies show that marijuana is ineffective. They literally test the wrong ingredient, probably by design.
    2) You still lose your job.
    3) You can't drive (a CBD strain would not render you incapable of that, but it's tested the same way and illegal).
    4) Doctors will deny you any other drug and insurance will refuse to pay for both the pill and any further treatment for anything else.
    5) The useless pill is expensive and monopoloized.
    6) The entire point of the bill is to make sure it doesn't work, written by folks who hope it fails.
    Thus, if you are employed, drive, ever hope to get any other treatment and don't want to be persecuted for trying to cure yourself, avoid marijuana entirely until these old people making our decisions die off and intelligent people take their place.
    Here's to hoping they die off as fast as humanly possible.

  4. lol so the point of making marijuana illegal is to "help" the community keep good health, but if you are caught with it you are punished. what good does a law thats supposed to benefit you do, if you are hindered by not following it? corrupt fuckers traffick these drugs into the country in the first place to keep the us prices from inflating by making millions off of these illegal "street drugs"

  5. BIG QUESTION……..Ohio legislation will only allow a limited number of commercial growers under the new law.  But what about the law that states "no oligopolies in Ohio?  Limiting the number of growers would naturally create an oligopoly.

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