1. Hey JJ! Je sent 11 on/13 off to speed up flowering! If you don't go this way most of the hybrids will take 70 days 10 weeks to have a perfect maturation! If you love heavy indica like I do you want a majority of amber and as less milky one as you can!
    Is anyone ever had a plant who didn't want to turn yellow even without nutes??? It happen to me on an unknown auto a friend gave me few month ago the plant is 3 month old and more than ready to be harvest and I gave her only water since a month but she is still very green and I used only a bit of organic food in an old soil…she turn dark pink on the buds and on the main stem and have sativa leaves full of trychomes on the 2 side's! She start to foxtail and stink a lot! I guess I have to cut it soon as she seems to want to stay dark green!
    Have a lifted one Growers!!!

  2. The day I start growing, I’ll look to you for Chem 4 seeds. I picked up a little bit of this myself last night, and it’s one of the few strains I’ve found to hit me in a heavy/Stoney/medicated. Looks great, and the one you’re reviewing looks just like the stuff I have. Starts in the head in 4 mins, and then progresses heavy all over the body. 5/5.

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