Caffeine is More Like an Illegal Drug Than You Realized…

If you asked people what the world’s most popular drug is, what would the most common answer be? Many people will say marijuana, or cannabis if they’re …


  1. I have some nicotine, aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, melatonin, and nyquil in my medicine cabinet right now. How much time in jail will I get for having these over the counter drugs in my possession? Do I need to flush them down the toilet since you say the only legal drug is caffeine?

  2. Last month, I tried cutting drinking coffee out of curiosity; told myself "I can feel miserable for a few days, no problem"; and while I did get a headache the second day without, after that, I felt pretty okay… but, I lacked determination to work on any task that required me to think, eg. programming or learning, pushing them aside since after a few minutes, I'd get tired and my mind would scream: "this is too hard!!" This actually reminded me of how I used to feel several years ago (I didn't drink coffee back then), and so after 2 weeks of this experiment, I'm glad to be back in action :3

  3. That and nicotine are the only drugs I've ever been addicted to. I'm not prescribed or use pain pills. Don't drink. I don't even crave sweets. I don't think I'm doing as bad as some other people.

  4. This guy clearly had too much caffeine before the video. I DESPISE caffeine! And none of my caffeine drinking friends can out endure me in ANYTHING. And I'm 100% sober.

    They'll have a red bull, and I'll be sober, and I'll beat them at anything; biking, swimming, studying. Lol And without their caffeine, they are down right pathetic. That adrenal gland stuff is the real deal.

  5. Yep was interested up until u said that coke didnt contain coca leaves anymore. might want to recheck that fact home slice. Coca-Cola manufacturers have never withheld the fact that sterile coca leaves are still used today. Leaves containing no cocaine because its where the flavor comes from.

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