GC101: Exodus Haze Seed To Harvest Outdoor Grow Tutorial

A complete timelapse breakdown of how my outdoor grow of 3 feminized Exodus Haze seeds went as well as a tutorial of everything I did for this grow. Since I …


  1. Thank you Sensei. I’m grateful you made long video, which makes it more detailed the process. I’m hoping we can get more growing techniques videos . (High Stressing Training, Scrog or Sog, Fim, Toppin and apical)

  2. Bit sad. Im not sure if I can smoke weed anymore. Been a daily smoker for a year and a half but I had a terrible acid (not a typical 'bad trip' but just felt very sick the whole time and was less psychedelic and more of a scary terrible delirium (could have been some research chem) and I tried to smoke some weed afterwards because I felt nauseous and hadn't eaten that day and it just made me super anxious 🙁

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