Prophets of Rage – Legalize Me

Music video by Prophets of Rage performing Legalize Me. © 2018 Prophets of Rage., Under exclusive license to Concord Music Group, Inc.


  1. As long as the losers with shit world views keep using drugs, I'll advocate their availability. It ensures you all don't vote someone like Bernie Sanders into office. Keep up the good work!

  2. Here is the issue I have with Prophets, now before i start please know that i think that every member is very talented. That being said, I don't like them because Zach is not in it. Let me explain. Rage against the machine had a very distinct sound and that sound included Zach. The instrumentation of Prophets of rage is too similar to the original rage. I get that Prophets is different and so was audio slave! But audio slave had a different sound and style. This is just Rage Against the Machine without Zach Delarocha

  3. Love Prophets of Rage but hate this music video. Why do the media always portray Cannabis as a powerful hallucinogenic? It's nothing like that.
    They should have done a video of a few friends smoking weed in a quiet place, having a good time, having a laugh and maybe a few out of the box debates and then depicted the police showing up and arresting them and seizing all their cannabis for NO REASON. As happens in real life.

  4. Da fuck?!! Love the track, but who da fuck made this "weed makes you have a bad trip" video?!!!! Bit of a conflicting message here, yeah? I get weed needs warning maybe, but the video seems anti-weed more than anything… Who made it?

  5. This song could have been so much better in my opinion. Everything's there in the song, even the music video! But the lyrics are just awful! This song had so much potential, but they ruined it with the cheesy lyrics. Overall, I give this song a 4/10.

  6. i'm a weed smoker but i really don't care about this message go write some good political songs again instead of this childish stuff weed will get legal it is 2018 it's invitable. im more into the more serious subjects rage has expressed

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