Ball’s Zucchini – Growing A Vigorous & Delicious Zucchini Plant Variety

Learn how to grow a unique zucchini variety called Ball’s Zucchini. We look at how to grow zucchini in containers, we look at caring for your zucchini plant in a …


  1. I put in zucchini seedlings (black beauty) July 20. There are several immature zucchini today and should have the first fruit in a week to 10 days. I love growing here in Southern California where I can get 3 crops a year of zucchini, cucumbers, bush beans and other quick growing crops.

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for all the videos you have really helped me in my garden and I appreciate all the Information and like I said the videos are great
    I did have a question though if you don’t mind
    my daughter Is growing an avocado tree it’s about 7 inches tall now it’s still in a cup of water and I was hoping you could suggest a soil mixture to grow the tree inside our house I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and it’ll be getting pretty cold very soon if possible can you let me know a good soil mixture and maybe care for the avocado? Thank you so much and please keep up the videos

  3. Sir Ji , I eat almost all my tender young home-grown veggies as raw uncooked, including young zucchini. I scoop out from inside with spoon, with circular motion of scrapping.They taste great, and have no digestion problems,
    Cooking destroys most of live enzymes which transmit to our body the energy of sun ,captured by green chlorophyll photosynthesis.
    Shukryia Dhanywaad thank you for uploading and sharing your experience of growing knowledge with your followers on YouTube app today
    God Bless you,my brother.

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