420 Day: Rick Simpson Oil – Miracle Cure

Welcoming a special guest today who is a producer of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) here in California. Someone close to me has a cancer which could be cured by …


  1. If it is the cure why not crowdfund 50k to do a very small unlicensed ground level study. Get 2 or 3 dozen people with cancer and try it on them? Not rocket science.

  2. LTV is the REASON I QUIT SMOKING!!!! He knows what he is talking about. I tried to quit dozens of times, and when I tried vaping, I was using oil with 3-6% nicotine. I found a really good local smoke shop with knowledgeable workers and large selections. I had a lot of issues with the vapes in the beginning, and found that the cheap gas-station brand has lasted the longest. It takes a little work to learn how to use the vape, but as long as I use 16-18% nicotine,  I no longer crave cigs at all (I have cheated a couple of times at social events and during a nervous breakdown), however, I no longer CRAVE cigs. Also, food tastes better, I smell better, and I can sneak a vape practically anywhere from an airplane to a hospital room.  I am a huge skeptic when it comes to many "popular" medical trends, but LTV has my trust!

  3. cannabis oil heals ..fire kills the healing in many ways…. but fire smoking helps in many ways…..the oil is gods gift to heal us….i want to be healed not be on man murdering drugs..man took cannabis from us locked folks away killed many an doctors and all our dead dying family..NOW man want to sell it back to us make us pay till the day we die.just like big pharma drugs….Jesus has given it to back us to heal our selves and this sick dying world..but we have to do our part fight for freedom to grow it ..
    its our god given right to have cannabis free…100 years they knew it saved the world ..
    they will burn in hell for the evil they unleashed on gods creation mankind the earth is sick an dying.. cannabis saves ..Amen

  4. This video has given me hope , I'm 57yrs old and I'm losing my 10 yr fight with RSD , emphazima and heart disease . I would like to share my story with you but I would like to speak to you in private . I'm not asking for sympathy but some help and guidance . I quit a pain clinic after being on 200mg of morphine and 30 mg of oxy 8 times a day for over 10 yrs.I would also like to share with you the market pain clinics are shoving their patients too which is causing death and misery . Thank you so much for airing the Rick Simpson story .

  5. Ι'm repeating this message because I gave a link to the previous one and I guess it went under review or in spam. Fantastic show. Good job LTV. The guy is totally right in everything he said. However, many people sell their stuff calling it "Rick Simpson
    oil" and RS said that he has nothing to do with them. My friend GeorgeGreekTrucker
    interviewed the man, but due to a technical glitch only Rick's voice was
    recorded. But that's the important part, so i decided to subtitle it in
    Greek for my audience. For those interested to hear
    Rick saying it all as it is, just check my channel, it's one of my recent vids and you can see Rick on thumbnail. The subs are Greek to you, but no problem, as Rick speaks in English of course. Enjoy

  6. once the rcmp figure out how to make money its legal but it should be lawful and free to grow cut out the lisencing in 5 yrs that card will cost 300 a year. God makes it u need no license

  7. Mainstream medical professionals prescribe pain medication/muscle relaxers that isn't designed for the long-term, and cause addiction. CBD has allowed me quality of life. There isn't a so-called 'high' involved.

  8. What about the one from the store. Does it work the same way.?its called…. hemp oil you could get it from natural stores. I just got it because it said it has omega 3 ,6 and 9 and some other good stuf i didnt know it was weed oil , until i read the instruccions. Note:you cant cook with this oil.

  9. That shit is no cure all it does is make said person high . You will be high and in no pain but you will still have cancer until u die. This stuff doesn't even extend your life and if you have claims it does show me scientific proof

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