Vic Fedeli outlines plans to sell legal marijuana online

Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli says the data shows that people in Ontario support privatized cannabis sales. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: …


  1. You should only buy in cash. Information from your credit card is shared with US border agency. If you ever want to go to US again, don’t buy online, or with anything traceable.

  2. Conservatives are just delaying this because they dont want it Legal!, If they put it off long enough, Trudeau is out, Sheer is in and it will again become illegal or vary, vary restricted! Manitoba ( Brian Pallister)is doing the same thing because he does NOT want it legal! CON-servatives are against legalization of weed!!!!!! Harper on weed…"We have spent a couple of generations trying to reduce the usage of tobacco in Canada with a lot of success "Tobacco is a product that does a lot of damage – marijuana is infinitely worse and is something we do not want to encourage."

  3. It's so funny how the federal and provincial governments are making such a big deal about the safety of marijuana distribution after legalization. Marijuana has illegally been distributed for over 60 years with absolutely no problem. It's all about the governments getting a huge cut from the sales, just like they get from alcohol.

  4. Does this allow for price exceptions, with something as easy to present as a medical access card, or monthly exception forms? That would also seem like a thoughtful inclusion to the rule.

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