DIY Dollar Tree Mason Jar String Lights

My Last Mason Jar Project of the week… You can get just about everything you need for this project at the Dollar Tree!!! I saved my favorite for last, I hope you all …


  1. Love love love this… I'm going to do this for a family rustic barn wedding this fall!!
    Yes mason jars, twine & burlap are a family. They need to be together 😃

  2. Omg I have to try this my self gonna redo my back yard for this summer and that project will be awesome.. One problem not sure if I can find the butterfly lights any more😕

  3. i too love love this i have all the things already well my jars r bigger i never see mini mj but i will keep looking !! now i have two fav you tubers you and bethany love those girls!!

  4. Hi Kelly I belong to the Simply Earth program but I don’t know how to store all the stuff we get in the boxes. I want to be able to see what I have and not keep them in a box. I bet you have some ideas. Thanks Kelly

  5. Awesome girl! You are going to convert me to the Farmhouse decor yet! I have a few things I have done, but this is so precious!!! Thank you, I love, love, love your channel! It is the first one I check every day!! Have a great day sweetie!

  6. I especially love your demonstrations for everything you have done, that I’ve seen. I have done a couple, and they are “stinking cute”. One of the things I especially like, that the other u tube videos, they don’t speed up the process like you do. It gets so boring showing all the crafting steps, it’s like in slow motion. For that reason alone, I watch everyone of your videos. Could you com up with something for the desktop to hold mail and paper clips, thumbtacks, etc.? Once again, love your videos.

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