CBD Oil for Anxiety: Miracle Cure or Hype?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain and …


  1. Great video! CBD Oil is what FINALLY provided quick relief from my anxiety symptoms. In all seriousness, I felt relief within 10-15 minutes after taking it. Incredible!

  2. I moved to Denver, Colorado about 5 weeks ago to save my life, not just to live my dream of adventure, but for the CBD oil and the freedom to smoke marijuana for my mental illness. Smoking it actually causes me to have severe anxiety, but I found that the CBD oil actually works. Your videos means a lot to me, thanks for all the inspiration you give.

  3. Hi. I appreciate this information. I took clonazapan for 40 yrs. I weened off of it last year and am now weening off Paxil. I want to ask my dr about this as I still struggle with some anxiety, but more depression. Exercise is key for me and being with people. Thank you for your videos!

  4. I have used cbd ….. but I felt no different and it's very expensive…extremely expensive much more so than thc marijuana or hash that can be readily obtained off the streets , but they increase my anxiety through the roof … I feel that maybe if one could increase the cbd dose and still be able to afford it perhaps it would be more effective for me . I smoked a cbd joint and went into a tailspin because there was enough thc in it to really give me the paras ….and so now I'm a bit wary of experimenting

  5. I have been using CBD to help stay calm from severe anxiety for a few years now. I started out with 10 tinctures and other ingestibles. I've been moved on to CBD flower in the form of industrial hemp. So you can purchase small or large quantities of industrial hemp legally and what I like about it is that they're usually lab tested and it tells you the percentage of CBD and the percentage which is usually less than 1% THC but then you can decide the strength of what you might need. I just like the idea of creating my own dentures and butter from the actual hemp plant and I can control the percentage of CBD. I try to use strains that are 17% to 20% CBD. It does help with anxiety it does help with inflammation and some pain. Everybody is different so everybody's tolerance or needs are going to be different this is why I think it's better to experiment with the flower. It's very easy to take an ounce of industrial hemp and turn it into hemp butter and then making chocolate chip cookies or whatever and then you can eat something and have more convenience with dosage. Anyways there are two places that I go to that I found her trustworthy they provide lab results and if you sign up for newsletters they often offer discount codes and that is Empire extracts and hemp Direct. Do some Googling and you should be able to find it. Or Google purchase Industrial Hemp flower. One last note the reason I make these suggestions of these companies is because I was burned for a couple hundred dollars on one site that claim to be legit. I have been ordering from these two companies for the last year with no issue. And they usually ship priority so you have your medicine in a couple days. You have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for another great video.

  6. I purchased cbd oil over the internet from the USA and I live in Australia. It's not legal here. I'm on opioid meds for chronic pain. Fibromyalgia in fact. I'm not sure whether to continue the oil whilst using the various meds I've been prescribed. Any advice? God bless you richly for your videos.

  7. Thank you, Douglas. I was anticipating this video. You mentioned cbd oil in the past and I looked into it. I am a long time sufferer of depression/anxiety and have had many side effects from antidepressants. I recently got my cannabis card and have been taking a tincture of 2 parts cbd to 1 part thc and it is working like a charm for my recent bout with anxiety

  8. well, I've tried variants of CBD, IT doesn't seem to help as much as when I just smoke cannabis, which is kinda hard to do AND stay less stressed when in an illegal state…which if it was legal here I wouldn't be AS stressed and would actually have a job, which would take away the stresses in those departments… But I assume the CBD coupled with the THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes do the tricks…but…I also know for many cases, probably mine included, again I wouldn't need to smoke as much, or feel the need to smoke as much to keep calm if I just had a GOOD at least better preoccupation of my time…which yes I could go into practices involving growing things like food etc, which I would like to do if I didn't like in between hills and under tree cover…my luck…and indoors is viable here which well..no need to say anymore lol….but nonetheless, many avenues cause stress, because it is the necessity for money that makes your life either hectic to scramble for some, or fine…I personally, many others as well, are just in pockets of inability to maintain jobs the way they've been laid out before us…I'm a hard worker, but not at the constant pace of someone else..and my skills aren't exactly embraced here…(farming, yes, personal growers only if you got the land, the time, and the money and viable situation…I don't have much of either, and time I don't like to rely on..)

  9. Such a good informative video. I've been thinking of trying the oil of some time for anxiety and sleep issues and will probably give it a go now. Love the idea that it may help with those night time scary worries. Love your videos, they are to the point and really help too ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I'm a spinal cord injury and chronic pain patient. Cbd oil has helped me quit taking my prescribed opiates and get off cigarrettes, in the last 2 months. It's a very useful tool.

  11. Certain strains of probiotics can be great for depression and anxiety. It is definitely tricky finding the right combination though. I found the right combo and it has been tremendous.

  12. Great video Doug, question though. From your experience can pure CBD oil cause lethargy if taking it during the daytime, or like anything else, it just depends on the person?

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