Cops face challenges in policing drivers high on pot

Today is April 20, or 420, a day many people celebrate marijuana. As some states start to legalize it, law enforcement officers are having a difficult time policing …


  1. on the spot effects are not shown in testing devices= why? THC metabolism leaves THC- CooH in the fatty tissues up to 90 days… THC actually has a 5 second half life ( moment of activity) and the metabolic remains ( THc CooH) are not active and will not cause effects later… the only real measure for impairment is Red Eye but the person too could be allergic that day and have Red eye… over policing of the people leads to lots of problems

  2. Stated without attribution or explanation that "51 driving deaths are linked to marijuana" sounds more like propaganda than science. Were there other drugs also present – for example, alcohol? Were these deaths attributable to marijuana use alone? Was the driver using a cellphone? We don't know, and we aren't told.

  3. I'll wave hi to all the cops along 80 and 76 as I'm vaping this weekend visiting colorado! Been smoking and driving for a long time and only have gotten a few speeding tickets. No accidents. F off

  4. I wouldn't be too concerned about marijuana-induced drivers; they have been out there side by side with you on the highways and byways for decades. There is nothing new going on here.
    What you SHOULD be concerned about is the multitude of other things that people are impaired by such as alcohol, meth, cocaine, opioids, cough medications, allergy medications, sleep aids, and the list goes on.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.


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