1. Thank you for another incredible recipe and idea Jeff. I did my own little spin on it. I sautéed some mushrooms and used the mushroom base (broth). It turned out amazing and was almost like a mushroom risotto but using the couscous instead of rice. This recipe is a keeper and I’ll be making it again.

  2. I mostly use pearl couscous in salads, during warmer weather….but this past winter i've tried to make pilaf type dishes, with herbs and veg…….and couscous "mac&cheese" is always a hit! I like your recipe, too…so many possibilities!!

  3. Thank you for furnishing us with a couscous PC/IP recipe especially for the exact cooking time. I love couscous as a side dish with any meat or fish. I mostly use Israeli whole wheat pearl couscous which is also delicious. Must try in my IP tonight. Keep the great videos coming. Many thanks!

  4. This couscous will be a great accompaniment for the Mediterranean Lamb stew that I am preparing today. As an aside; Jeff never mentions leftovers—-probably because his many friends queue up when he is cooking. Many of Jeff's meals freeze beautifully. The Massaman stew is but one example, and is one more benefit of owning an IP and watching Pressure Luck.

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