1. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to watch this, I've never done this much research for a video before since I had to go over so many different issues like health, animal abuse, pollution, human rights and child labor and I don't think any other food or product can reach this level of devastation on so many different issues. Please share with as many people as you can as this does help tremendously! <3

  2. THANK YOU!! I quit fast fashion last year because of you and now candy! YOU'RE SUCH AN AMAZING INFLUENCE I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU AND EDUCATE ALL THE HUMANS

  3. Hey Kristen, what do you think about the ethical issues that surround coconut production? I recently found out about some horrible stuff they do and I don't really know what to do

  4. so much of the information about the health part is not right. im also not here for candy insdustry, but this is juuuust not fact. dairy causes type 1 diapetes? people are born with it, you cant cause type 1 diapetes for yourself. i understand that the ethics of dairy are not right, but falce information is not a great way to argument

  5. I know this isn't candy related, but I was wondering how you feel about stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx, home goods, etc that sell a variety of items and clothes at a discounted price. Does anyone have any idea about it being more sustainable than buying those items from Walmart or Target, for example?

  6. Girl, I admire you SO MUCH! Thank u for opening my eyes, the world needs more people like you! I'm grateful for this video and your channel in general, thank you 💓

  7. As a small town kid, I can say that not most cows are treated like that and a distinction is done between the races. Milk cows are rarely sacrificed and live long lifes, their baby's are separated when they get older if they are male, if they are female they even share space. The milking is done after the baby has been fed, but due to genetic selection, this cows sometimes overproduce.

    If the milk doesn't get properly removed it can rot Inside the body of the cow.
    And I repeat, milk cows tend to die of age, meat cows are sacrified young. Please don't mix them.
    Here we also have local races that we try to preserve, they have fields or even mountains for them themselves and selling dairy locally or trading is the only way to maintain them.

  8. Great video! I was aware of the detriments of the dairy industry last year when I went vegan and have cleaned up my diet so much by eliminating as much sugar as possible. Kicking chocolate has been one of the hardest but when you look at the ethics tied to sugar and cocoa production, it makes it much easier to boycott. Thanks again Kristen!!


  10. I really appreciate shedding light on the environmental and ethical implications that you mentioned, but to me the part about health is a bit too harsh. From my point of view, demonizing foods or food groups and categorizing it in "good food" and "bad food" goes at the risk of a rise of obsession with food/disordered eating/eating disorders. There are also scientists who disagree that there is something like a sugar addiction (while indisputedly drug addiction exists and should not be taken lightly). Many people feel crazy around sugary stuff exactly because there are so many messages about it being bad, feeling guilty about eating sweets, restricting etc. Health is not only physical but mental as well and a good relationship with food to me seems vital for overall good health. That doesn't mean that you can't consume sweets responsibly if you choose to, buying fair trade products etc.

  11. YESSSSS! Plus big sugar companies in Florida is pretty much contributing to toxic algae growth in our waters. Gotta love politicians taking money over just a general care for the environment. So all in all, screw sugar.

  12. I decided to quit with sugar as I wasn't feeling ok, I felt unhealthy, tired, and big. I tried to avoid it as much as I can as unfortunately, if you read the ingredients of the food you buy most of them have insane amount of sugar. After 3 months of what I think has been quitting with sugar I can say that is the best decision I have ever made: I feel healthier, more awake, I have lost a lot of weight and I feel that I am not depending on food. Thank you very much Kristen for all of your videos, you are inspiring!

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