The Monologue: UK Govt. Cannabis Oil Review, Brexit Remoaner Terror Tactics & More.

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  1. the unlawful and immoral prohibition of cannabis/hemp is a crime against humanity and a number of people need to be in prison over it. All animals with a spine have cannabanoid receptors in their bodies, humans have hundreds, we should all be eating the plant as part of our diets not to mention the incredible healing powers of the concentrated oil. But hemp replaces petro'chemicals, oil and all its by-products, and THAT is what the prohibition actually protects, corporate profits, so cannabis was turned into marijuana, (a slang mexican word for the plant) through "Reefer Madness" and was outlawed after a massive propaganda campaign and rushed through while the country was on Christmas holidays. Then the american farmers woke up in January to their hemp crops being illegal because "law enforcement cannot tell the difference between cannabis and hemp so we banned them both."!!  Cannabis prohibition is a travesty of justice and decency and anyone who thinks otherwise is a victim of mind control.

  2. Fools , they do not care about the children or anyone, they want to squeeze the sick for more MONEY. Therefore Pot will go through doctors who know little, but make more money. You people are creeps. Teach people to grow there own, keeping it at home. They hate you self medicate, no money for them. All about the money. Beer to whiskey gateway drink ban beer, go strait to whiskey. Ya right. Pile of garbage over a FKing Plant.

  3. That doctor doesn't understand what 'Addiction' is. Yes, he treats it but like many in the medical community, he probably takes the position that it's a disease of the mind. No one was born an addict, and not all people become addicted who use. That's because the substance, in and of itself, isn't addictive. The foremost authority on the topic of Addiction, in my opinion, is Dr. Gabor Mate. There are dozens of his lectures on the topic available on YouTube.

  4. Go to a pub especially in London and you’ll find many drinkers also using cocaine.. so is alcohol not a gate way drug? Cannabis has helped me in numerous ways and helps me think and to deal with my problems yet alcohol made me forget and my problems became worse. And my behaviour.. time to change the laws

  5. It's about time, they can no longer deny cannibis has cured a lot of illnesses, legalise it, ban alcohol as it has caused the death of too many people, family break ups, fights, just wreeks havoc on lives, I don't use cannibis, I don't smoke either but I am on painkillers 24/7 for arthritis and other problems, but if I believed cannibis would help me I would certainly take it, if I could get a pain free day which causes depression I would take the oil, this is cruel to be keeping it from people, how many cancer sufferers has it cured without the chemotherapy which makes it worse, big Pharma won't make money on cures.

  6. They want smart meters as part of their security plans but smart meters will never be accepted until it is legal to grow cannabis in your loft. Why are the masons so against cannabis is what I want to know.

  7. My daughter recently did some temp work at a car dealership in Coventry. The dealers were inhaling lines of cocaine in the back office. My son's friend works in Leeds in a recruitment agency where they also snort this stuff on a regular basis. It is very expensive and addictive and ruining lives and seems to be accepted in many places as normal behaviour now. Why is there no discussion about this ? As well as improving seizures cannabis also stops Parkinson's tremors.

  8. The tories who are in charge of the legal status aren't the best to speak on Cannabis. They are too boring to see the beneficial effects. Cannabis is a peace drug and encourages people to think positively about existence. This is probably more dangerous to the Government. They don't want you thinking creatively. A natural plant that we were meant to discover that leads to a certain degree of enlightenment

  9. Oh the arrogance of politicians who believe they have some inherit right to GRANT or DENY me a god given RIGHT to smoke weed or treat any condition with cannabis. Who votes for these morons?

  10. I use one drop of cannabis oil before I go to bed and can sleep well without pain from the joints (arthritis). I am 70 years old and feel much better since using this very small doses a day!

  11. The reason Cannabis is not legalised is because of the demographics of the right-wing voting public. The government knows it would lose them votes, if they legalised it. The facts about Cannabis are all plain to see. Alcohol and tobacco should have been banned decades ago if the Government were genuinely concerned about the health of the population.

  12. I used to use cannabis rereationally for years. Its no more a gateway drug than coffee is. The real issue has always been, that alcohol, which removes inhibitions, is very much a gateway drug – yet it is legal. As usual these so called experts just spout lies and propaganda to keep something illegal that actually has healing properties and expands the mind, while alcohol kills thousands each year, turns people into monsters, and they can't sell enough of it.

  13. Cannabis is not a gateway drug. I've been using it for almost 40 years and never tried or wanted to try hard drugs. I dont drink a drop of booze except for occasions I'll have a go but I'd rather beleive alcohol is the gateway drug.
    From when I first started using cannabis I realized it's benefits. I got my license to drive after I smoked a spiff and was focussed to the max. These people who want to make criminals out of users are the criminals themselves especially for medical purpose.
    These people are old school, its a new era so lets get on with it and follow the rest of the new thinking countries. It costs to keep people in jail.. how old school dumb can these idiots .I would bet they all drink and want to ruin people that way instead of making this world a better place.. Just look at these shows Richie does daily. They push back in the good things for the people..what a shame Britain's become a low life controlled country.

  14. Most people who smoke cannabis eventually come to the conclusion that the government, it's agencies and religious institutions are nothing more than malignant parasites…. That is why it is illegal. I would also suggest that all research that says that cannabis is a 'gateway' drug is fundamentally flawed. Where does the data come from..? I would suggest it solely comes from drug addicts who say they started their path to drug addiction by (probably in addition to other drugs) smoking cannabis. Also most hard drug addicts use cannabis to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms they get from breaking their habit. What about the unrecorded vast majority of people who smoke cannabis but never get interviewed by charities and Psychiatrists because they are not drug addicts. Cannabis is a gateway drug in as much as with a little gardening skill one can provide one's self with an exit from the far more toxic, useless and vastly more expensive pharmaceuticals supplied by your friendly government endorsed GP… The main reason it is illegal.
    As a side note… I don't partake in cannabis, I simply enjoy the odd can of lager but I fully support the use of cannabis for either recreational and or medical use. I am also a clever chap, I have come up with a way of producing a cannabis ejuice. That is not an oil and can be vaped in any regular ecig. It tastes lovely and will get you just as high and higher than smoking it. I also with a little augmentation to further breakdown the THC into CBD make an oil free juice for purely medical purpose. It is completely odourless too so you could sit unmolested outside a police station puffing yourself into high heaven or sit in a beer garden amongst friends puffing on your lovely tasting medicine. My Cannabis ejuice could perhaps one day not only make the use of cannabis socially acceptable but socially innocuous, it is completely odour free. Anyone interested feel free to contact me.
    [email protected]

    If however you are in any way government affiliated (which includes registered charities) then please just fuck off I'm not interested.

  15. The only reason they're pushing for such a dramatic turnaround was because of Mays husband's investments in a cannabis oil company. They could give two fucks about that poor kid involved, he was part of the theatre and if the info about Mays husband didn't leak I doubt they wudve returned his medication.

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