1. So, I’ve really been in need of a good forum I can become a part of to talk/share/discuss my first grow. If anyone can recommend please let me know as unfortunately I’m on the DL. I’ve also got great pictures of nanners as spoken in this video of lower branches and good documentation of it all but still need help!

  2. Couldn't agree more on the late nanners! Very normal! I think we forget sometimes that these plants are trying to survive past when we harvest! They are just doing what that naturally do!

  3. Gorgeous run bro i appreciate the content your room is on point!… Ive also cloned a small bud just reg manifold in a bucket took lil longer but its doable 4sure CHEERS ✌🤙👍

  4. Hi MG. Beautiful colors and some super chunky frosty buds on them chemodos. I just had my critical kush just throw 2 nanners on me, but no worries she's coming down Sunday. Great vid as always. Peace

  5. Thank you Mr Medgrower1 for always delivering reliable content all these years. We all appreciate it. Even if you do take a break like over xmas you tell everyone in advance. Out of all the channels I've subbed to you never leave us hanging. Even if the platform itself fails to deliver you do not!

  6. Hey bro when u gunna do a nutrient mixing video for blue planet nutrients I feel like I’m doing it wrong I’m in flower and leaves curling and turning yellow drying at the tips idk if I’m doing too much @medgrower1

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