LSD ഉപയോഗം അപകടമോ ? Is LSD Really That Dangerous?

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  1. I wish it is possible to decrease promotion promotion of lsd or other drugs in vedio formats .Because google or any web site doesn't know who all are watching this vedio.kindly understand every one from teenage or below teenage have tendency to just click the vedio .And to know the contents .please keep filter . Or find a way to know harmful affects of the vedio through a different way .Before promoting or posting .Youtube just show a way to block vedios or confirms the diseffect of future generations pls….

  2. More than 80% of CEO in silicon valley uses LSD,even Steve jobs. it is a psychedelic.. you cannot call a psychedelic a drug. LSD can be used by microdosing z learn about it.. people who already use it can use it in good way. NB: for only people who already used it. It's not easy to handle unless you have good knowledge about it.

  3. Psychedelic drugs are just instruments, like microscopes. The biologist does not sit with the eyes permenantly glued to the microscope. He goes on and work on what he has seen. -Alan watts

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