Growing Sweet Potatoes In A Pot – Indoors

I’m going to give growing sweet potatoes indoors another try this fall/winter. Similar to last year’s series, but hoping for better results. I took cuttings from my sweet …


  1. Re-trying this method and hoping for a better outcome. I learned a bit from last year's attempt so I figure I'll give it one more chance with a better container, better soil composition, more routine fertilizing, and of course – being pest free to start! Wish me luck!
    Oh yeah… Sorry about the editing in some parts of this video but my software was acting up BIG TIME… I had to re-edit it almost 4 times and it still didn't transition properly… I'll do better next video, I promise!

  2. I use regular Dawn Dish soap (1/4 tbs per gallon of water) to combat bugs. Fallowed by rinsing with distilled water directly afterwards! I repeat every 3-4 days till no bugs, then do bi-weekly for preventive measures. Works Great for my plants! Hope this can help you also?!

  3. I spray mites with neem oil that also contains a miticide. I add a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap to a 32oz bottle when I mix it up and it works great, also great for controlling aphids and whitefly. I have 2 different kinds of sweet potatoes growing in my greenhouse. I started them from slips off of an organic potato I bought at the grocery store, lol. I hope you have better luck this year with the indoor grow.

  4. Hello rob. I grow sweet potatos in sand. The sand you get at a beach. I planted the wine instantly without rooting them in a container that is a little bigger than the container you are using. From that i got a 6 kg harvest. They were indoors but i didnt have any pest or disease problem. Super easy and super tasty. I hope you would give it a go using that method

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