1. You’re arguing that the government is slowly legalizing weed because they want to keep us down. Your argument is flawed.. you say don’t smoke weed because the government says you can. In states where weed is not legal.. is it okay to smoke there? I’m a woman (after watching some of your other videos, I’m convinced you hate our entire gender but anyway) so the sperm count doesn’t affect me (not sure if weed actually affects that anyway) and the high I get from weed isn’t dangerous because I’m smart with how I use it. Nobody smokes weed because the government says they can, we smoke it in public because the government says we can. Also, most weed smokers don’t buy directly from stores (controlled by the gov) because of prices.

  2. I enjoy people who can think for themselves and articulate their position. I think if you had a better education on the subject you would come to a completely different conclusion it’s something worth thinking through.

  3. I would agree that the majority are not bright. That's what I found out when I started college. Not all, but most.

    Also, it's a decent idea to never trust any drug that you have not tested yourself with a kit. There's always a chance it's not pure, even with the government. I don't believe I would trust cannabis from dispensaries.

  4. The majority of people are not very bright. It has nothing to do with whether or not they smoke marijuana.

    I don't know about every state but the majority that allow recreational marijuana allow you to grow your own pot. Your whole argument about the government control is bullshit.

    It's a freedom issue you have no right to say what someone puts into their body if it isn't hurting anyone else.

    Prohibition is worse to society then regulation and it's a step closer to real freedom. Changing our shitty system is going to take time and has a lot more to do then cannabis.

    Btw it doesn't hurt sperm count. How many kids does snoop dogg have?

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