Weed Anxiety Suffers (CBD edibles and oils)

My experiences with CBD gummy bears and a little bit of oils is it better than just smoking marijuana when you suffer from weed and xiety and we panic.


  1. starting taking this e-juice called Koi. Its 100% cbd and helps me out tremendously. Has 0 THC so i don't have to worry about my anxiety/panic attacks trigger. I highly recommend it. You can feel the "high" without the mind fuck. Just a heads up

  2. I came across your videos last year when I had a anxiety attack out of nowhere from smoking weed when i had already smoked heavy all day everyday for fifteen years. I initially went to the docs to get my heart checked with their electronic shit they got there and they came up with nothing. months later my doc ordered another same heart check and they found a lower than average heart rate, which is no big deal but still they sent me to get an echocardiogram to get a better look and found that i have some "mitral regurgitation". Its like a valve in your heart that doesn't close fully and allows blood to go backwards. You should look up Mitral Valve Prolapse and mitral valve regurgitation. Basically if you do too much to stress your heart and bring up your heart rate you end up feeling symptoms that are 100% the same as anxiety, panic. I stopped blazing & drinking but i do smoke some cbd every now and then but also take a cbd tincture as well. Its chills me right out (in massive doses) without the bullshit panic. Word tho, not being able to blaze that dank ass kush is like a kick in the nuts but if i do indulge i can only take a hit or two. more than that and i get all fucked up and anxious everytime now. Maybe hit up the doc and demand an echocardiogram. since finding this out i started eating better foods, less meat and refined sugars n garbage and started eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts and all that other type shit, i even quit eating eggs and so after about 3-4 months i was completely anxiety/panic free UNLESS i smoke THC. since i stopped blazing Heavy THC i am completely back to normal. Just my experience, thought id say something so you got more info for your arsenal against this bullshit. Its shitty not being able to blaze like that but it does have its benefits.

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