Pardons for pot possession charges Q&A

The government is considering pardoning Canadians with pot possession charges. Our panel casts its own opinions. Send your questions in the chat. To read …


  1. Canada has one of the worst justice systems in the entire world we don’t conflict murderers and child molesters and you’re worried about pardon drug pot how about we fix our justice system

  2. The problem is that people blatantly broke the law. You can't just forget that! Just or unjust. The law IS the law. No one likes all the laws. LGBTQ? completely different category. That being said…..those OVER charged should be pardoned.

  3. I got a speeding ticket for 62 in a 50 zone. Now that street is posted 60. I want that money back from the infraction and the extra insurance that it cost me back. I also want the ticket off my record. Is all this going to happen? NO!

  4. No let the past stay in the past. If you allow pardons. Best expect people to be suing because of unemployment slander and many other things their name has been run through because of a simple possession the prophet of cannabis will go out the doorthe prophet of cannabis will go out the door and all that money made will be going to the people counter-suing the government.

  5. Shove your pardon where the sun don't shine!
    We should start a class action suit to sue the government for violating our rights under the Charter.
    They had no right to criminalize cannabis users while allowing alcohol and tobacco users to legally consume their drugs.
    "A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group. The class action originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon, but Canada, as well as several European countries with civil law have made changes in recent years to allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of consumers." – Wikipedia

  6. Any non violent cannabis offender should be pardoned.

    The government should apologized for ruining their lives.

    Cops who had anything to do with criminalizing Canadians for cannabis should go to jail.

  7. If you live in the poorest parts of this country or any other country whether your white, Black, Hispanic or whatever the Police know the likelihood of finding drugs or illegal activity is HIGH! (Get it lol)
    It's about the statistics in that area NOT racism!! I mean of course your going to be stopped more. I don't see the wrong in doing! Enlighten me….

  8. Pardon all along with reparations… all persons with cannabis convictions should be entitled to a lifetime of Free Cannabis as well as a Special Pension for themselves and their children..

    This is nothing short of a Cannabis Holocaust..

    All children of Cannabis Holocaust survivors should be awarded a lifetime Pension and Free Cannabis as well..

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