1. Shout out to the Japanese brother Shingo use to bring the mad brownies back from nimbin.These dayz we get the white ones which aren't as good so please BRING BACK THE BROWNIES NIMBIN

  2. To everyone casting stones towards Nimbin, I live in the town of Nimbin and it is beautiful and loving and full of light. There are problem people everywhere you go but I have never ever seen anyone offering ice in town, because the majority of locals don’t stand for it. We have council meetings with the focus of getting people on hard drugs the help they need and keeping the community safe. What happened with the laneway boys and many other dealers left the town open to harder drugs flooding in with tourists coming in to score. It’s a tragedy but that’s not the heart or majority of Nimbin. We love our culture we love our buildings and we are fighting to keep it the peaceful place it used to be. If you want to shit on our village without getting to know the community, don’t come here, there’s no room for negativity and hatred.

  3. Weed has never killed anyone . Police have killed many people . Weed makes people non aggressive . Police are aggressive . Stoners dont want any trouble . Police want trouble . Why cant we have a peaceful community where people can make a choice to live in peace and harmony ? Because the government never found out on there own 2 feet that this is a non harmful way of life . Love to all .

  4. The downfall of Nimbin is the fault of the LISMORE COUNCIL
    They mishandled the community and created a negative stigma around the area. Now it’s known as druggy town, and I really feel that it’s an injustice!
    The genuine locals are awesome people and they’re the stitching that keeps the community together

  5. Do those listless old cops actually equate weed to murdering policeman? ned kelly was a thief and murderer. They just want to smoke a tree that doesn't give you cancer….

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