Love, Simon

Based on the popular novel, SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA concerns the travails of Simon Spier, a gay 16 year old student who is still in the closet.


  1. So after watching this for the third time in my life… or fourth time… I don't know but anyways as the title states I "Love Simon"

    like I think it's a little awkward to have a crush on a character and the actor that portrays Simon but whatever lol. "Love Simon is a movie that I've pictured it would be when the first trailer came out. The trailer basically told us "it's about a Teen in high school that is a closet gay" and that is what the movie does beautifully to keep it as the main plot of the Film, learning how to keep this sort of big important secret because in the film as Simon says "What if the world doesn't like you" (Paraphrased version)

    Me, once being a closet Teen, (I came out Bi but I know more that I'm Gay) I know what it's like the fear of coming out… even though I have a mom who has a sister (My aunt) who is gay and my dad says he's gay but I think is Bisexual, yet that is whole other can of worms. Anyways, "Love Simon" is about as real as a coming out story and such, even like "4th Man Out"

    All the Characters are loveable and always have something to do and say, Jennifer Garner's improvised monologue though to Simon omg is the best thing about this movie, along with the ending with Wild Heart in the background. This movie has done amazingly throughout the movie and I hope, wish really, that we get "Leah on the offbeat" which is the official sequel to Love Simon

    I still want to see that deleted Gay Bar scene lol

  2. I want to rent this for tomorrow cause I am flying but I am scared to ask me grandma to rent it for me bc she's Christin and I don't want her to question my sexuality ( I think I am a closted bi )

  3. I LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! It's so great to see that the LGBTQ community is finally being appreciated on film. My favorite part was when he found out who Blue was and then they both kissed on the ferris wheel. I cried!

  4. Omg nick Robinson great actor thank u for making this movie please do a part 2 …one of the best gay movie of all times I couldn't do nothing but cry and still crying this has change my life around ..please do a part 2 to see how Simon & bram life together continues

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