1. Federal law in the USA on weed? Next to heroin! Schedule 1. While cocaine is a schedule 2! Less time, for coke? WTF is that? Weed never killed anyone. Backwards laws, for backwards thinking people.

  2. The question is not "To legalise or not to legalise", the question is "To criminalise or not criminalise" because that is what is happening. The vast majority of pot smokers are law-abiding (smoking aside), hard working people.
    Pot smokers are not heroin addicts, they are fully functioning citizens, who choose to spend their recreational time smoking pot, just as many people relax with a glass of wine.
    Yes it is illegal I hear you say, but why, when did us, the citizenry ever get a say on that.
    Here in the UK never, we have never been asked to vote on this. I never gave those pen pushers the right to choose for me, so why are you surprised when people ignore the law. Which in itself is a dangerous precedent, ignore one law then why not them all.
    To criminalise should always be the last resort, it is in truth a failure of all other options.

  3. This segment needs a factual correction. I'm from Michigan. The map you showed of where it was legal for medical use and recreational has the colors reversed. The pink ones should be legalized medical and recreational and the green ones are where it's legal only for medical. November 6th there is a ballot initiative in Michigan and the voters are expected to legalize marijuana with a healthy margin possibly above 60%.

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