1. Cartridges are cool and really convenient but hella not worth the cost imo. From my current local prices, a half gram cart on the bottom shelf is around $18. Bottom shelf wax for a full gram can be as low as $10 in some places, but the norm is around $15 ish. If you took that full gram of wax, mixed it with a liquidizer, ($20 ish for a bottle but you get like 4 or 5 mixes from the bottle, so estimating $5 each mix), the cost would be around $20 and it would fill that little vape cartridge up more than 5 times. You can buy empty cartridges online for like $8. Or you can just put the liquidized wax into any vape and rip fat clouds and people won’t know you’re getting high.

  2. No vape pens are not the future for one good reason because you have to trust the manufacturer of the vape pen which I have no trust of unless I make my own very clean concentrate I will only smoke very clean flower

  3. I wouldn’t trade buying carts for all the experiences I’ve had buying local glass and meeting people to match and busting out pelicans and nerding out on art. Carts are cool but capping a glob after a long day is something I hope to share with my son.

  4. Nice info guys. I could go on topic for days and the way people try to make them from home and the industry cuts and blah blah but most importantly getting the information through as simple as possible.

  5. Yeah even a good cartridge by ASCND and Select isn't as good as a nice dab. These are best for hitting while eating at a restaurant. But if you have good dabs you don't need a cartridge.

  6. Cartridges work awesome but Someone explained to me the cartridges are sorta like hot dogs. Parts of the plant used you wouldn’t normally want to smoke. I’ve tried a couple different companies and came to the conclusion to stick with flower. Was noticing a little aftertaste that kinda tasted like chemicals. I’m more careful now in what I put in my lungs. Enjoyed the video, I always find your stuff educational.

  7. I legit always take the oil from those pens and put it into MY vape pen that i use for the normal vaping trust me if you guys have youre own box mod you know what i mean you should try switching the vape juice and put the oil in there. Just giving my 2cents.

  8. In germany this isn't a thing at all. I also prefer to touch the plant and check it. In US you can be sure there is no unhealthy cutting material on, thats the difference.

  9. That psychological separation. Good point. The oil distilled 8 times from the plant cannabis makes it almost a completely distinguished product from flower with higher concentrated chemical makeup👍🏽

  10. Vape cartridges are nice for on the go use and that's about it. It really sucks when that's all you have to sesh with. The high is weak and simply feels incomplete for me compared to good flower and concentrates. But before going into a movie theater or a concert or something, carts are the way to go!

  11. The 510 cartriges are nice but they always break on me and leak concentrate seems to happen more often with the full 1 gram cartrige rather than the .5 but it frustrates me when i pay more than usual and it breaks on me

  12. Each senetar of each state bring's along a representative of the canabis community from their state and talk it out at some location were common sense can show the way they should go.

  13. Just want to say you guys a doing a great job love the show keep it up.

    Since you guys are 420science i have an idea for you how about you get various dry herb vapes and rate them in 2 category
    -use ablility
    – battery life
    -temp control
    -size and so on…
    -420 rating for:
    – efficiency of cannabis vaporized
    -potency of the vape
    -even vaporisation

    do controls where needed ie use the same type of bud for potency and efficiency , you know.

  14. Legislation is achivable in america it a simple prossess of all the states that have legalized getting together and stateing rules you all stick to like anything over 15% thc for medical patient's only and agree on the taxes for all, organise your self as if you are governed by the fact it does go legal and them on high set the rules.

  15. Let's play a game every time Gary and Brandon say like. Take a drink. Good information I'm glad there's people out there actually trying to educate the new smokers. It's nice having somebody out there trying to help them out.

  16. No cartridges aren't the future of Cannabis? They give you so much thc so quickly they overamp the receptor that react to thc. Making your tolerance super super high. Rarely ever able to get stoned after using it.

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