Marijuana in Traditional Shamanism – Healing Plant Teacher or Poisonous Hallucinogen?

Marijuana (Cannibis) in traditional shamanic healing cultures? Http://


  1. I had a very traumatic experience with cannabis when I was 17. I had been smoking recreationally since I was 13. I used it as a way to self medicate from growing up in an physically abusive and neglectful home. Anyway I took a couple of hits from a bowl and experienced some quick burst of anger which was followed by an extreme panic attack which had me convinced I was going to die. Later my friend smoked the weed to see if I had gotten anything laced, but it was legit. Ever since that experience I could never smoke weed the same. Anytime I tried to get high I would immediately get sent back into this state of panic,which was very disheartening for me because I was in love with weed. My friends started smoking earlier than me and far into their adulthood’s and never experienced a trauma like I did.

    My question is why did weed turn on me like this? Why could I never be restored back into a right relationship with it again. I’ve tried to find answers on this topic, though I have learned their are others who’ve experience something similar I cannot find answer as to why this happened to me and how to fix it. I finally stopped smoking weed altogether just a few months ago. I’m 30 now. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I just can’t smoke weed anymore because it causes me way too much stress. Could you help me understanding what exactly happened? Why would it turn on me after smoking for 4 years and not having any problems?

  2. What a beautiful representation of inquiry, fine tuning the journey onward, and Self Respect, Thunder Wizard.
    I met my Twin Flame this past weekend, and he shared your channel with me. I am newly starting mine.

    I am so grateful he shared your insight with me. I felt all of this. My last relationship was taking me down a turn for the worst after being with someone who wakes and bakes, and smokes all day….
    I thought holding space for him would allow him to wake up-Wow the self-abandonment got REAL!!
    I have so much work to do with my energy clearing, and I am excited to utilize your tools to continue my path of healing.
    I use sparsely now, out of instinct, and watching this video made so much sense to me why. I felt everything you touched on, as I've been walking through the "forest."

    Thank you for expressing how this human life is all about feelings. Really getting down to the Root of them.

    The quote I've been living by daily is Carl Jung, "It is said no tree can grow to Heaven whose roots don't reach down to Hell."
    I experienced the pit of hell, two months ago before cutting the Knot on my last relationship.
    I pray many find this video and take the time to drink in all of the goodness you so generously offer.

    I appreciate you.

  3. So there are so many different strains of cannabis, therefore you cannot generalise about cannabis. Different strains are constantly being developed to treat various medical conditions. Being responsible spiritually when using cannabis, is part of balance. Setting up protection, and balancing chi levels in the body by self reiki is my experience

  4. QUESTION: Are there ways to reconcile the drawbacks of using cannabis regularly, if one enjoys the lifestyle but also wishes to be as healthy and fulfilled as possible? Surely if there is a will there is a way (I hope)

  5. An excellent presentation of energy, Thank you for sharing. This energy is in everything, for example food, the food you consume can make you healthy or completely destroy your life. What is or how to live a life of virtue is the illness that plagues us all and and in my opinion ( pessimist? probably yes) no human being will ever know and that is the energy that ends everyones life ( in the grave RIP) maybe at the moment of death one finds out? but why so late? Afterlife? rehencarnation? it sucks! anyway wish you the best in your endeavor, thank you again.

  6. What people don't understand is cannabis has two components. THC is the part that gives the high and Cbd is the part that is medicinal and does not give the high. This makes more sense the way you described. So CBd will help the chi and thc will help shen. I agree that the overuse will damage you. Smoking it or getting the oil from someone that does not know how to extract cbd has no benifit medicinally on its own. And it should be approached holistically and after a lot of research and with somebody who actually knows the biology behind it. Thanks fot the vid

  7. Thanks for making this video, I appreciate it and agree with most of what you shared in here. After our discussion below your other video, before watching this one I was thinking about the placebo effect and I realised that back then I believed in cannabis so hard that it might have triggered my body to get rid of the cancer. Thanks for clearing some things out too and sharing the Chinese medicine POV on the topic – I'd like to see the source if you can share it.
    I see some judgement in here from your side but I respect that, the whole idea to create this video probably came from the ego/heart center after all :).

  8. Hey ThunderWizard! Digging the new music on the intro/outro. Is the music of your creation? Also I have been thinking a lot on the different positions about marijuana you have. In conclusion the next time I make a big $ tip at work I will likely take the plunge and grab your Qigong videos.

    Just also wanted to add if you read this, that I have been practicing yoga and applying some of the methods from your free youtube videos. I can and do testify to a similar altered mental state occurring. It's similar to that of eating violently hot peppers. It's as if I "burn out" (mabye there are better ways to phrase this) the pained voices of my body and I can then sit in peace without any of them asking for attention while I meditate. I have achieved this with but a shard of the truth of the purpose of such exercise. I am excited to learn your Qigong method and just wanted to say thankyou, there are few teachers out there speaking on the level you are.

    Last thought, I observed you as a lower fractal of the Odin/God thing that turns back to help himself from the upper levels while listening to this broadcast. Didn't know if you ever thought of it, just felt like tossing it out there.

  9. The liver is where people hold anger which I found interesting because I was doing the celestial Chi gong and asking for Iduna mother to help me with joy and doing a liver cleanse and passed 300 stones but amazing part was the goddess showed up and I was so blissed out so loved very powerful

  10. Question you gave the go ahead for my nine year old to do the celestial qigong and it’s great he’s doing beautiful we both love it so much however within the first two or three movements he gets very itchy I am having him do the movement where you pull the energy up and threw your crown chakra I caught the waterfall I can’t remember if that’s what you call it anyways any suggestions should I be concerned in anyway we feel pretty good LOL

  11. After the live q&a the other night, I was just thinking how necessary it was to have an entire video just on this. Now you can direct live questions to this video and we can all move on to other topics. Look how good my telepathy skills have gotten. Haha.

  12. A wonderful video full of fearless truth! Thank you for sharing your own personal experiences, they are very similar to mine and I feel so empowered to learn from a teacher who is every bit as human as I am and who has the integrity to admits their mistakes, to take responsibility for their choices and to be honest about their experience. Please continue this great work!

  13. Please people stop calling cannabis marihuana .this is a derogatory term misleading term put out by FBI DEA and it's about time people worked this out in the states. All people using the term are insulting the spirit of the plan with a horrible word for a lovely plant that the FBI PUT OUT why continue passing on their insult

  14. there is a program called jdownloader i suggest everyone download this mans movies because there priceless, thanks again mic you are a true inspiration to the world.

  15. And when i did shrooms for the first time i had meditated also had offerings in my alter then in nature naturally i enjoy plants so i watered random wild dessert plants aswell as picked up garbage ever since that occasion i have had no desire to seek and consume any medicines so this is making alot of sence when i use to fish i offered coin to the water just naturally from my elders teachings i do these things but the loss of desire for any intoxicant feels more empowering than any thing i have felt since i was a young man

  16. I puased right here at sacrifice my brother came to hang out and order weed from my house its legal here and we get to hang out i quikly noticed many frustrations in him so i started to try and give balance as a recipropect to enjoying my brothers pressence also got into how the bennifits of our martial arts katas were in many ways alot of our class missed out body mind and soul stabilizing excercises and well i knew his smoke was in the air but it seemed to have no effect on me especially i been building up my thurisaz sphere for a few times a day this week well long story long before he leaves he lights up again so now im knowing ok this is going to effect me but not as i thought and when he left he admired the sowilo sun rune shield necklace i made yesterday and i know it is full of sol energy i wanted him to have it becuase it felt wonderfull that he enjoyed the color and i love my brother so i know i have a mild headache from the smoke but i feel a balance and i truly feel that by me sharing with him posture and breathing that his notice of the medalion necklace that the energy was really sinking in and i didnt even think of sacrifice even tho i truly loved making that necklace but i was getting very strong today smoke a small bit you can celibrate the soul of the sun gifting you but i told myself no if anything i will wait till tomorrow or a day after simply becuase i feel great i feel calm i feel in a state i have long missed but yea i probly ended up with a small contact you posted this exactly as my light on my alter switched off on its own and what a great topic for the discussion me and my brother had he even remembers the old kata i think for his oarnge or blue belt in shotokan great timing teach and i am proud that i resisted not out of guilt but becuase i enjoy my true meditative balance again like i would get from physical excercise 🙏 nama teach 👊😎

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