1. I'm tired of this gateway drug argument. What studies do we have that can back that up? Yeah I'm sure you can ask anyone who has done any hard drugs and they'll say they smoked pot… but I can almost gurantee you they will say they drank alcohol too. One could argue that legalizing it would cause the opposite effect because they'll no longer be buying their weed from sketchy drug dealers who tempt them with something harder (or even having their weed laced).

  2. Recreational use is not a correct narrative!
    Even if people do it recreational it still has beneficial health benefits.
    Get better educated on the subject before making such claims a "gateway drug"!
    More like gateway parents, brothers, sisters,uncles, aunts and friends.
    Idiots speaking of things they have no education in is a detriment to true holistic approach to health and happiness.

  3. It's not a gateway drug. People choose what they put in their bodies. It's called freedom and choices. Many who use marijuana only use marijuana (cannabis). He's using the old propaganda that was slammed into his brain. Most people who smoke some herb don't go "now I'm going to inject heroin". Most people are usually smart enough to know that many drugs are very bad that can lead you down a highway to hell. Cannabis is a healing herb used for centuries. It was only made illegal because Hurst didn't want the competition of industrial hemp. So with corruption and a slew of propaganda they demonized this amazing plant. A sad day in human history indeed…

  4. God made hemp in all its varieties. Our Founders often grew it. The anti-hemp movement is historically NEW, not old! Study how the Prohibitionists and bigots and political careerists like Harry Anslinger worked to outlaw man from using what God gave us and take my word for nothing. You'll learn a lot they didn't teach you in your standard dose of statist propaganda you got in school. Learn the facts, then think for YOURSELF. Agree or disagree with cannabis, at least you'll have learned something instead of having it spoonfed to you.

  5. "It's a gateway to the rest of the drugs…" Let me tell you how stupid you are. "Gateway" is a throwback term, people usually now get what they are looking for straight like that. If they want weed they want weed, if they want pills, crack or anything else…. That's what they are going to get… Dat way!

  6. Stop saying Gateway it is not a gateway drug and I will even testify to that y'all been preaching that freaking damn Reefer Madness Gateway crap for like 50 years time for f**** reform

  7. Needless I don't drink alcohol no more I started drinking when I was 19 drink throughout my military career got hurt drink more and mix prescription drugs with the alcohol, I didn't like the feeling so when I got out of service I went to a medical marijuana doctor to see if I may benefit from it and Lord behold I did I wasn't in pain all the time so severe that it made you nauseous that you had to go throw up I was able to start the move without my joints screaming or without my muscles in my back spasm and all the time just because I was picking something up around 30 50 lb I'm up to 50 now. But can exceed it now I have nerve issues burning and stinging feels like being bit by fire ants or has a stinging and burning sensation kind of close to what the road rash feels like. I will continue to smoke weed cannabis grass because I feel better and of quitting alcohol and I've quit alcohol now for like 10 years

  8. I would really give a piece of my mind on that screw the governor of Georgia and I'm trying to be nice now good thing he's ass is coming out of office. That guy had no care what so ever Four Georgians, saying that he didn't want George. Come like Colorado really dude look at all the tax revenue that Colorado made to or it's going to education infrastructure, so I guess he's doesn't support education or my structure that's where we could have gotten tax revenue from to support those things instead of keep hiking up the tax rate and it's not about recreational I wish I could slap that b***, I lived in Colorado before when was Medical didn't have recreational first you got to get your feet wet take small steps don't just jump in the fire got to test things out first we're not trying to advocate for that or trying to get right now is medical start somewhere then work away up who gives a f***** rat's ass if it is recreational you starting to have one pissed veteran right here, and I have tried Medical help me with my chronic pain I was able to sleep being up with days with insomnia after coming back from my Tour of Duty in Iraq in ramadi and Fallujah. I like it a whole lot better then the Motrin or the Naproxen the VA keeps wanting to pump me up with also liked it a lot better than the Vicodin. Helps better with all the severe muscle spasms I experience on a daily basis for the last 11 years. There's been many many test in Lab Rats with tumors that showed results with either CBD and THC and showing that the tumors have shrunk in size or completely eradicated. Why so much the hype all marijuana is marijuana that it's addictive it's a gateway drug even in my younger years before I joined marijuana and I tried it marijuana was the only thing I smoke I have tried other drugs but marijuana didn't make me go do it it was peer pressure but I've always stuck with marijuana. So you can accidentally overdose on 13th aspirins and I'll be your last mother f**** headache and you're concerned about pot.

  9. It's not a gateway substance sir, the guy at the end is not educated on what's a gateway substance. I'm 100% sure he does not know he has an endocannabinoid system. That's sad for people like him to say things like that because of word of mouth. Alcohol is a gateway substance. It's crazy how he sounded mad saying that. Educate! Educate! Educate! This is not a game!

  10. In the name of FREEDOM and HUMANITY, legalize it for adults only. Concentrate on hard, dangerous drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, opioids, and fentanyl. (And keeping it and alcohol from juveniles.) thank you.

  11. The problem with weed law is too many old people are still living who are against it. These are the people who love alcohol. I hate alcohol because my parent was a alcoholic and my childhood was very bad as a result. I knew parents same age as mine who smoked weed and they lived very productive lives and kept their children up. Weed is not a destructive drug.

  12. I have no problem with legal weed as long as the same law enforcement actions can be taken as are done with alcohol and employers have the right to keep it as a banned substance in a drug test if they chose so. By the way I am a Republican, GASP. Its crazy you can't have good gun laws and good weed laws.

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