Sellout “Left” Applauds California Pot Legalization: But that Doesn’t End the Drug War

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  1. No need to worry, its coming. Don't get me wrong his message needs to be heard, but oddly enough weed really will be the "gateway" drug. It will be the gateway that eventually gets all the rest legalized. LSD, Mushrooms, DMT, all that will become legal in time. Because weed did. The country is becoming more and more libertarian. It just is. Because the people are liberty loving. And now they've got this titanic communication tool that will help them achieve it. The establishment lies no longer work. You'll be called out on it in front of 10's of millions of people if not more. If they can't lie, they can't win.

  2. It was passed by voter initiative, now they want to act like they're responsible for it being legalized. They basically flip flop between whatever position they deem most beneficial to their party at the time.

  3. The left doesn't want to end the drug war. They never have. It took the most far left states decades to legalize. They love their minorities. Minorities win them elections. If you keep giving people free food stamps, say their children won't be deported,etc they'll vote for them.

    It wasn't until minorities starting gaining traction post BLM movement did they start their pot crusade. They did that because they were constantly getting hit with "drug laws disproportionately impact people of color" …ding ding ding. Let's also mention they found a nice loophole for their gun grab. Want to smoke pot? You aren't allowed to have a gun.

  4. Some people will do drugs, some will not. That's life. It's nothing new. Just legalize them all and get the fuck on with clearing out the prisons for real criminals. Taxpayers will be off the hook for housing these "criminals" BUT that being said..if someone commits a crime to support their habit such as robbery they need to be severly punished. Also defund all taxpayer funded treatment programs clinics. Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for someone elses bad decisions. If they want treatment they can go to a non profit place for treatment like a church or some such place. They are already out there. They exist.

  5. Almost all the problems with "drugs" are really prohibition issues. Od's are accidental poisonings caused by lack of product control. I could give a crap if the kid across the does heroin as long as he doesn't break into my house! If he can get his drugs at market price he is not going to break into my house or bother anyone. It is his body and his choice. Whether of not he does drugs is between him, his family and his employer, (if it affects his work).

    If we just stop this BS "war on drugs" we can empty the prisons. Inner city gangsters will not have the financial base to buy guns. We would save trillions of wasted tax money that is spent keeping 2 MILLION or so people in jail for drug related crimes. Relations between citizens and police will normalize.(When you have to pay or blackmail people into being rats, something is wrong. There is no need to shred the constitution to enforce murder, robbery or rape laws.) We could take a fraction of this wasted money and provide treatment on demand for people who want to get clean.

  6. I believe in decriminalization so that people who want to quit have an easier time of admitting they take drugs and seek out rehab or get help for mental illness, as some substance abuse is an effort to "self medicate ".


  8. 2:37
    They know exactly what they're doing. You can't tax a plant people grow for personal use in their back yard, and you can't award contracts to your friends and family to be the government-sanctioned official pot growers if you let people grow their own.

  9. The coop plantation grows & distributes cannabis. Raw cannabis juice is non-psychoactive (unless heated); juicing raw cannabis is seldom discussed but could be the future of a holistic diet. Decriminalizing pot, not "legalizing" it, is the way forward. (& don't forget the topo chico )

  10. Before LSD was outlawed, Dr. Andrew Weil was doing ground-breaking and pioneering work in treating alcoholics for addiction using LSD under clinically controlled conditions. When the hysteria surrounding LSD reached a fever pitch and congressional action effectively ended his research, we lost a valuable tool for treating people with serious problems.

    Under the right conditions, LSD makes one realize one's own nothingness (by inducing "death" of the false ego) and thus the possibility of liberation from addiction may happen. Unless you are working with a real shaman (who are difficult to find as they are very rare), I advise against using LSD, especially in recreational situations, because people also can mistakenly think they can fly and they need to be supervised and restrained under such circumstances. Peace.

  11. God bless Vegas.  The native American cig and cigar store opened a window for pot sales to vehicle drivers that have a hard time walking into the store. Over 300 cars per day use the window and can buy one ounce per day. The state is collecting 39 million per month tax revenue for recreational sales alone.  The good stuff is several hundred bucks per oz.

  12. I hate pot and everything around it – I know one admitted pot user who I don't literally hate, though he is using it medicinally and is not a full-blown pothead – but I admit that keeping it illegal is counter-productive. I find pot makes everyone who uses it paranoid and fosters an "us vs them" mentality where anyone who is not a pothead is "other" and therefore the enemy. I've seen people react very negatively against me when I told them I don't use the stuff and don't want to, I don't think they would have reacted any differently if I told them I was into necrophilia. The thing that makes me hate pot users is pot users, not pot. I think this behavior is a side-effect of the stuff, one that effects >50% of users but not 100%.. And I don't buy this crap for one minute that it cures everything from rhinovirus to cancer and you can build spaceships out of hemp. But fighting it through force is not working. I think a lot of people are seeing that now. If I can see that, anybody can.

    So what am I so afraid of? I'll be frank. I'm afraid that pot users will become another protected minority. Hear me out.
    I don't want devout potheads in my life. Freedom of Association. But pot, when it is a lifestyle and not medicine, is the Holy Communion of the r selected. You don't have to be a Christian to follow the analogy. And the r selected fear nothing more than standards, because the K selected will exclude them from anything they can if it's legal to do so. Not out of spite, just as a byproduct of Freedom of Association ("birds of a feather" and all that). …Well okay I would do it out of spite but I'm an unusually cranky K.

    If pot is legal, can I as a business owner only hire non-potheads? I'm not talking using force, I'm talking Freedom of Association. I fear that the answer will be some contorted BS that any pot user might be self-medicating and that choosing not to hire them will amount to some kind of able-ist discrimination. So I won't be allowed to make them pee or give a hair sample or even ask. Then the r selected will have achieved yet another victory of getting the K's to pay for them. That is what makes people like me hesitate, people who hate potheads but admit that the current "drug war" is a net negative to society and that decriminalization is likely for the best.

    So you can have your freedom (pot) if I can have mine (Freedom of Association).

    I know I'll get a lot of comments telling me I'm crazy for worrying about this, but I know I'm not. The r selected don't consciously do the things that they do, but they are still predictable.

  13. I am so sick of the fart sniffing Libertarian moralising on hard drug use. Those fuckers CHOSE to return to it time and time again and they exercised their own personal agency in becoming a smackrat/crach and or meth head in the first place. 3 strikes and you're out of general society. Yes small time offenders should not be thrown in general prison populations but for crying out loud. It is quintessentially SJW to excuse degenerate,destructive and criminal behavior because someone might have experienced hardship in their life and chose an utterly retarded avenue of escapism.

    I bet Libertarians who have firsthand knowledge of the effects that habitual use has on families and wider society get this. Mine comes from having to save my step niece from stepping on her junkie mams used needles and the bitch is such a low life scum bag she has had 3 children taken off here within 24 hours of birth and the child is placed into foster care as the junkie mam cannot be trusted.
    Nobody put a gun to that bitches head and made her chose the life she lives but her daughters and sons are forced to live with the consequences. But hey, the bitch is due to die from ruining a leg artery from shooting up too much for too long. Godd riddance, one less smack ratto blight the face of Earth.

    Disclaimer. None of this applies to human trafficked women or drugged up prostitutes as they very rarely exercised agency.

  14. I don't know if they can go back and make pot the nerdy lame kind of thing you want anymore. I mean maybe with some time I don't know how much, but with so much of this culture they've put out that portrays pot as cool like dazed and confused is an older movie like 70s or something, And it has aged so well making pot look cool. Surely, some newer movies like that will age well too.

    I wonder what the media portrayal will change into and what it will look like in the case of marijuana. It would certainly be funny to see the media try to portray it as lame stuff geriatrics do to the teen crowd.

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