1. May I suggest a title change for this video? "25th Democratic Congressional District Primary" makes it sound like it's a Democratic Congressional district, when, in fact, this is a debate among Democrats to determine who will win the primary to go up against the Republican nominee for this seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in November. Though it had been held by a Democrat for the past 30 years, the title might confuse Dems into thinking that holding onto the seat is a done deal and they don't need to vote in this coming Tuesday's primary.

    Even if registered Dems don't care which Democrat wins the primary, it's still important to consider very carefully who will be the most viable candidate in November. As well as which of these four can most successfully represent us against Trump's anti-Liberal/Progressive, anti-democratic, anti-journalistic, anti-education, anti-arts-funding (including your own network, PBS), anti-HUMAN agenda AND stand up to his well-known bullying and name-calling, while also representing Democrats in a respectable and trustworthy manner in front of the entire nation and, in effect, the world. This is an ESPECIALLY important decision in a national election that will have lasting consequences not just for OUR district, but for all of America, our allies, and democracy itself (or lack of it) around the world! Having the same party control ALL branches of our government since January 2017 under the leadership of a president who openly admires dictators, with even moderate members of his party afraid to stand up to him, is defeating the purpose of our Founding Fathers' system of checks and balances.

    Hope correcting the text in the video title (not the video itself) an easy fix that doesn't require reposting of the entire video. Thank you.

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