1. Travis Scott song gonna be fire hopefully that champ on ice track look it up on youtube its back from when the DayTodays were durring the rolling papers release in Vegas and it was wiz's birthday that where the snippet for champ on ice came from and it might be on rolling papers 2 it has to be on it too… look out for it the feels of rolling papers is back TGOD

  2. I’m loving all the Wiz interviews 🙌🏽 can’t wait till the tour starts n we start getting DayToday’s 😏
    Annnd noooo.. no Taylor Allderdice 2.. Taylor Allderdice is straight perfection.

  3. now you cant say stoners are couch potatoes…but kick boxing had to be high come up with that one….how many rappers kick box…trying be ninja nigga but smoking weed working out aint too kool cuz you always thirsty…maybe before…but still you gotta pee while working out so…smoke way before you try do ninja type shit…smoking after hard work out makes you really hungry and sleepy

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